What are the Top key Features of a Grocery App?


Ecommerce industry motivated people to order things online. The impact positively generated a new offshoot industry known as the On-demand service industry. Here the key famous model is the Uber model, which was made to deliver the service in your comfort. You need a car, providers will send the car right to your home. You demand any household app, you need not search out in the market. The things are available at your home. The same goes for grocery requirements. You need not bring loads of grocery luggage pushed into your car after waiting in lines at the grocery megastore. Instead, the best grocery delivery app development keeps you away from the need of stepping out of the room. You tap few items and proceed with your payment option. A few minutes later, the doorbell rings and your grocery is there. Uberisation is famous among investors and they are lining up their prospective plans like Instacart, FreshDirect and Shiplt etc. People are so much addicted to it, that if you want to run a grocery store or franchise, you need to build an app. Here are some key features you must know before hiring a grocery delivery app developer.

  • Social Login

Login is the most primary part of any app. The user needs to log in for booking any product or ordering something. All apps encourage users to create an account because it helps users and businesses both to track the orders. From a business perspective, the login is far more important than you think. They prepare analytics, track the behavioral pattern on particular offers or discounts and show personalized notification for marketing. Despite being important, the login process need not be lengthy. Social media login APIs are helpful for such cases.

  • Smart Search

A customer needs to scroll through the pages for ordering a specific item. A huge list of products is useless if a user cannot reach the product to be ordered. User demanding only ketchup is very less interested in wheat flour or dairy product. For such a scenario, you need to have a smart search engine to ease the task of finding a related or the same product. Grocery app developer integrates Smart search engine for implementing the same.

  • Quick list

A customer does not necessarily buy the item there and then. He/She may save it for later or may decide to purchase it in future. Quick List is ultimately helpful for keeping your desired items in the list while other options such as private wishlist, starred list, and reminder list is also available.

  • Offers and Rewards

One of the most enticing reasons for the increase in online sales is the varied offers on different products and exciting rewards upon a certain purchase. Discount codes and loyalty rewards are also helpful for cross-app purchases. Like when you use some mobile payment service such as Google Pay, you get rewards, paybacks and coupon codes for a certain purchase.

  •  One-click Add to Cart

Too many clicks are always a turn off for buyers’ moods. When the user selects an item, he is likely to move on to other related products as well. One-click add to cart helps the customer in adding the product to the cart without much ado and he can keep scrolling other products. This is a study based technique to keep customers motivated and help them stay with their budget. From the business point of view the sales increase and for customers, the feature keeps away from too many to and fro clicks.

  • Favorite and Popular Recommendations

Every portal or app is connected with social media. If you like a photo on Instagram, the app keeps similar items to your favorite list. You can have many options for personalizing the app, receiving the most popular updates, top recommendations, and top purchases. You can also have a regular update with the top in trends, to order the most trending item. Most CMS offer this option with on-demand app development.

  • GPS Tracking

It is a really hard task to keep waiting for the product to come without any knowledge of the arrival date. Primary thing is to provide the expected delivery time according to the Pincode. The next important task is to let the customer know the location of the courier along with contact. The feature seems complex, but it is really common for apps. For non-tech investors, it is better to make a list of such tech features, before you hire dedicated app developers.

  • Push Notification

Push notifications are the most important tool for increasing user engagement and increase sales. You keep notifying the customers for discounts on certain products, exciting cashback, new arrivals or you may wish users. But push notifications are a sensitive technique for marketing as too many notifications may annoy the user. There are many options such as Twilio, for push notifications, more you can explore by hiring an experienced dedicated app developer.

  • Secure Checkout

Every mobile app development solution needs a quick checkout option. After spending hours selecting the items, the least exciting task is to checkout. Secure checkout must also be trustworthy by any reliable third-party provider. Your payment gateway must have all prevalent payment methods such as debit card, credit card, bank payment, PayPal or all other trending payment options suggested by your chosen grocery delivery app development company along with familiar Cash on Delivery.

  • Reviews and Customer Support

A customer always wants to share the experience and it is healthy for the on-demand grocery app development business. The business may know, what users are experiencing and users may know the quality of the product and candid review. Alongside, a user must have access to customer support. Good customer support is a key for better business in future. You may also integrate chatbots for AI-based consumer-business interaction.


All features we mentioned in this article are necessary to keep in mind while on-demand grocery delivery app development. An actual app requires a load of both small and complex kinds of features. For such app development, a team is required with experience over similar on-demand app development. The best advice is to research on your own, find what your competitors are offering and then plan accordingly what you can do for your customers.

Rohan Singh

Rohan Singh is a versatile techy with vast experience in a wide array of technologies. As a CEO at Semidot Infotech, he oversees the technology wing of the company. Rohan has extensive experience working with multinational companies and knows what it takes to take a business to the next level.

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