What Are the Regulations for Number Plate Retention in UK?

Remove a Car's Personal Identification Number

To request the removal of a private (custom) license plate(Vehicle Registration), you may do one of the following:

  • You may save the number and use it for another car later.
  • No numbers beginning with Q or NIQ will be retained.

When a car number plate adhesive pads is removed from a car’s registration, the vehicle is often given back its original number. If approved, you will get a V778 retention document and a fresh logbook in the mail (V5C). If you scrap or sell your car without first getting a V778 and a new logbook, you will lose the right to keep using the private license plate number.

Submit an Application to Have Your Serial Number Removed

There are two ways to apply: online or via mail. You’ll need to dish up £80 for it. The vehicle’s logbook is required (V5C). You must submit your application by mail if the car is not in your name.

Submit Your Application Over the Internet

If your car does not need an inspection, we will remove the tag right away. Use the reference number you are given after applying to transfer it to a different vehicle. Cut a few online. From 7 a.m. until 7 p.m., this service is available. Welsh translations are also accessible (Cymraeg).

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Send in Your Application by Snail Mail

Include the following in your submission to DVLA: a completed V62 “application for a vehicle registration certificate” the log book (V5C) or green “new keeper” slip the V317 “transfer or maintain a vehicle registration number” – the address is on the form. Expenses related to the switch, totaling £80

Send All of the Following at Once to Avoid Paying Several Times for Car Tax:

The V10 is the Vehicle Tax Application. Obtain a valid MOT and car registration by entering the correct information. If your application is approved, your original licence plate will be transferred to your car automatically. This will take effect immediately.

Away With You Goes:

new registration documents (V5C) with the updated plate number – Your original MOT might take up to 6 weeks to return to you (if you sent it to tax the vehicle) an official V778 retention paperwork if the private number is registered to you.

In Order to Get Behind the Wheel, You Need to:

Before taking off, make sure the car is outfitted with valid licence plates.

You should update your insurance provider with your new licence plate number.

Whom to notify about your new licence plate number.

If you have health insurance, you must inform your provider.

Whenever You Make a Payment Through Automatic Withdrawal, Such as to Pay for:

Drivers in “Clean Air Zones” are subject to additional fees, such as the “Dart Charge,” “Low Emission Zone Charge,” and “Congestion Charge.”

Keep Licence Plate Safe From Loss?

Please be aware that the vehicle’s licence plate will be immediately cancelled. Either the original registration number will be reassigned to the vehicle (if still in use) or a new “age related” registration will be issued (of the same age as the vehicle). You may also apply to maintain your licence plate by filling out form V317 (Application to Retain a vehicle registration number) and mailing it to DVLA, Personalised Registrations, Swansea SA99 1DS.

Does Keeping a Licence Plate on a Certificate Cost Anything?

Keeping a number plate after it has been removed from a vehicle costs £80 at present. Upon completion of the number plate retention application procedure, the V778 (Retention document) will reflect payment of the cost. After that, you may transfer the plate to any legal vehicle free of charge. To keep a licence plate, you may either pay online with a debit or credit card, or mail in a V317 form with a check, banker’s draught, or postal order made out to “DVLA Swansea.”

Where Can I Find the Rules Regarding the Storage of Licence Plates?

To transfer a registration, you must be the legal owner of the vehicle presently bearing that number and have proof of ownership from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Either the vehicle’s tax has been paid or it has been put on the State’s Off Road Vehicle Registry (SO (the SORN must be in place for the last 5 years without any gaps). There can’t be any Qs or QNIs at the beginning of the registration, and the V5C (vehicle registration document) can’t include a remark saying the plate is “non-transferable.” When renewing my private licence plate, what paperwork do I need to keep my plate?

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To Whom May I Transfer Ownership of a Vehicle Identification Number?

It is possible to transfer ownership of a register to another party (the “grantee”) under the situations. As we have stated above. This can be a good point to get it all done.

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