Track Your Containers Online With The Help Of Modern Technology


The network of railways is extensive as it connects various parts of the country. Hence, transporting containers to any part of the country is safe and reliable through rails. However, now you can even check your containers’ current location in real time, giving you a clear idea of where your containers are present. With the help of modern technology like GPS, the containers have the utmost security as you can avoid theft during transit. It gives you confidence as you can monitor the location of your containers with the help of Gateway container tracking.

Advantages Of Gateway Rail Freight ICD Container Tracking

It is essential that when you send your containers through railways, you can track every movement of your containers at any given point in time. Following are the advantages of Gateway Rail Freight container tracking.

  • Gateway Rail Freight ICD container tracking automatically tracks the containers and moving wagons. It is an essential task in the supply chain and asset management process.
  • With the help of online tracking, you can monitor vital aspects like temperature, time and distance traveled. Hence, at any length of time, if the temperature of the containers is an issue while transporting perishable items, you can instantly call for an instant solution. It will save your goods from damage and decay. Moreover, you will also know the exact location of the wagons and get an estimated time to reach the destination.
  • One of the essential benefits is using sensors in the containers. Hence, you will automatically receive a notification if the containers’ doors are opened or closed without any reason. It is a system where you can save your containers from theft.
  • If there are any abnormal stoppages during transit, you can monitor the reasons.
  • The devices can also monitor the temperature of air-conditioned cabins or refrigerated containers when moving over the railway system.
  • With the help of the tracking device, you will receive data periodically according to intervals that are set during the process of transit through railways.
  • You will get the instant location of your container or consignment with the help of The Wagon Tracking System with the use of GPS technology.

ICD Operations

  • Add-On Services

The Inland Container Depot provides many valuable services besides just being a storage container. The ICD takes care of warehousing, transit of goods, and other services. They also take care of the containers and, if necessary, perform repair services. One of the most significant advantages of using Inland Container Depot is that it provides safety and security to your containers from theft and other abnormal activities. Moreover, the Inland Container Depot helps clear customs and other related documents. They also provide safe trans-shipment services.

  • Infrastructure Support

One of the most significant advantages of having a solid and efficient network of Inland Container Depots is that they are beşiktaş escort responsible for the country’s gradual growth of import and export activities. It helps the country to develop economically. Moreover, the ICD is also responsible for the smooth transit of goods till it reaches their destination.

  • Lower Costs

As Inland Container Depot not only offers a wide range of services, but they are also cost-effective. It mainly helps businesses and industries as they can transport goods at a lower cost. Since overhead expenses are a significant headache for businesses, with the help of ICD, they can control the price in the market is not getting high. The ICD also helps in the warehousing of goods at competitive rates.


Therefore, you can rest assured that once you send your containers through railways, you can track the wagon’s movement and monitor your containers. With the help of GPS tracking technology, you can now sit in the comfort of your house and locate your containers anytime.

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