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Top Trending Features Should Have In Your Voice Assistant App

Should Have In Your Voice Assistant App

The dominance of voice assistants is skyrocketing as these applications have become an integral part of people’s lives. For example, look at the rising popularity of voice chat assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby, etc. As per reports published by MarTech, around 1 in 4 U.S. adults possess a smart speaker in their home. Moreover, according to Statista, it is forecasted that digital voice assistants will reach 8.4 billion units by 2024.

Today, voice search is taking over conventional inter犀利士
net search. You can also create a smart assistant that answers users’ queries efficiently and quickly. By leveraging the
best mobile app development services, you can build an app like Alexa and personalize it per your specific requirements.

This blog will discuss the top treading features you must include in your voice assistant app.

Let’s get started. 

5 Key Features To Include in Voice Assistant App Like Alexa

Speech To Text (STT)

Speech to text or speech recognition is the capability of a software program to recognize words spoken aloud and transform them into readable text. This feature is beneficial for ease of communication, multitasking, providing flexibility in the office, sharing files across devices, and facilitating complex tasks. 

Noise Control

Noise control is one of the significant features you can integrate into your digital voice assistant. Sometimes, when utilizing the application, background noises of electrical appliances, cars, and nearby people may make the user’s voice unclear and complicated for an assistant to understand.

Therefore, noise control technology eliminates the background noise and ensures that the user’s voice is crystal clear. Integrating this feature into your voice assistant app like Alexa will improve the user experience.

Text To Speech (TTS)

It is also an essential feature where the text or images are converted into human speech. It is utilized when a user desires to learn the proper pronunciation of a particular word.

Text to speech can also be utilized when the user wants the voice assistant to read out something while engaged in another activity. 

Voice Biometrics

It is a critical security feature of verification that enables your app to understand your voice. You must consider this feature while developing your own AI assistant app.

This feature authorizes the voice assistant to recognize who is talking and determine whether to respond. For instance, your assistant may follow your requests but will not reply to commands or recommendations from a TV.

Smart Tagging and Decision-making

It is a critical feature for analyzing users’ requests. For instance, if the user asks: ‘Which movie should I watch tonight?’ The technology will automatically tag the top-ranked movies and provide suggestions according to your viewing history or preference.

A reputed mobile app development company may assist you in creating an AI assistant with smart tagging and decision-making functionality. 

Final Wordings

Voice assistant apps like Alexa or Siri are getting immense popularity globally. These apps are now utilized in diverse fields and have become a valuable part of users’ lives. Hence, it is the right time to enter the voice technology market. 

This industry is prospering rapidly, and developing a unique voice assistant may help you earn huge profits. If you also want to make a fantastic voice assistant app that stands out in the market, you can take the assistance of reliable mobile app developers.

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