TOP 5 Reasons Why Websites Should be Responsive

One of the main reasons why smartphone usage increases worldwide is portability and
connectivity. You can see that almost everyone uses smartphones to purchase online, review
stuff, find places to eat, and more everywhere you go. This is why most establishment provides
free wireless connectivity to make the customers spend more time with it and also why most web
applications are made to be responsive.

Almost 50% of purchases are made using smartphones online. In response to this, e-commerce
websites need to cope with the change in people's way of transactions. Websites should be
accessible through mobile phones such as Samsung phones, Apple phones, and many other
brands of smartphones.

Lastly, mobile phones are being used as a medium of studying. Almost all students worldwide
have their cellphones used for browsing for a certain topic, looking for an answer to a question,
reading books that will enhance the reader’s mind, and more.

Top 5 reasons why you should make your website mobile friendly


1. Number of Users

Almost all people are using smartphones in their life. With a population of 8 billion, 6.8 billion
of them use smartphones for their everyday use. Smartphones are used to purchase online,
browse for the latest application, find a place to unwind, look for a place to eat, and more.
Smartphones are even used in learning. Experiencing the pandemic opened the opportunity for
every school worldwide to open its classes online. Nobody can afford a personal computer, so
smartphones are being used as a replacement. According to statistics, 95% of students bring their
phones to class every day.

2. Product Reviews through Phone

According to statistics, 7 out of 10 product reviews are made using mobile phones. This shows
that customers are more than willing to make a review through a cellphone than to talk to a
person in charge of the store.
Customers do not need to go for a talk in person just to give a review, you just have to go online,browse for the product you want, then give suggestions or reviews for that matter.

3. Purchases Made Online

According to statistics, 50.9% of online shoppers worldwide use mobile phones to purchase
products online. This is the main reason why e-commerce websites are made to be responsive.
Businessmen who own a shop cannot depend on having a stall in the mall since half of the
shoppers are considering making a purchase online. A big amount of revenue comes from
customers purchasing online but in contradiction, most American shoppers are preferred to go
shopping in the mall than online.

4. Convenience

This is one of the main reasons why everyone chooses to go shopping online than to go to a mall or in stores. Having a smartphone with internet access can give a lot of conveniences since
almost all of the purchases can be done online.If you want to go eat something, you can just search for food online, then make a purchase online with your mobile.
If you want to buy a dress, you can just go look for a dress online, then contact the seller to have
a purchase.You don’t have to go for a walk outside looking for a mall, you can just watch tv, browse websites, then purchase what you want.

5. Voice search using mobile

This is the best function on mobile phones. Driving while typing through a smartphone
sometimes leads to accidents. According to NHTSA data, 13% of distracted driving leads to
This is one of the main reasons why the voice search function is one of the most valuable
features of smartphones, not only it helps lessen the accidents that happened on the roads but it
also gives convenience to many of the users if they are extremely tired typing.
In conclusion, having a smartphone benefit most of its users in terms of reliability, comfort, and
accessibility. Most of the things that can be done outside can be done using your smartphone. It
also opens so many opportunities over the years. Providing people, a way to communicate with
each other, give suggestions for a certain topic, and provide people a way of helping one another.

It also plays a major role during the pandemic when a lot of people needed to stay in their
houses, it became the source of news, a tool for studying, a source of communication, a source of entertainment, and even a source of income. Smartphones are useful for every one of us.

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