Top 5 Online Website to Buy and Sell Second-Hand Smartphones

Buy and Sell Second-Hand Smartphones

Buying and selling old mobiles is not a simple task especially if you are doing it through a local retail shop. When it comes down to second-hand phones.  It’s hard to find a genuine seller who doesn’t end up selling you damaged goods.  It will take every ounce of energy from your body. But why should you spend so much time and energy looking for a second-hand phone?  That is still in good condition and reasonably priced? There is no reason for you to do that anymore. Selling and buying a second-hand smartphone becomes easier.  Because of these top 5 Online Websites in the business of buying and selling old phones. Not only do they buy and sell old phones but also provide you with online repair services. Without wasting too much time, let’s get down to the main business and let us share about these five websites(Smartphones).

Some of the best websites are:

Quick Mobile: – Quick Mobile will be one of the websites to solve your multiple problems in one single place. If you want to sell an old phone then you can go over to their website and choose their selling old device service and give details about your phone. They will be there at your doorstep to pick up the phone and make on-the-spot instant payments. If you would like to get your smartphone repaired then you can easily book their smartphone phone repair service and within 24 hours your phone will be picked up and taken to the repair shop and experts will work on your device to fix it.

Here comes the most important part if you like to indulge in expensive technology but don’t have the required budget to fulfill your dreams. Therefore, Quick Mobile will come to your rescue over here where you can purchase big brands of smartphones like Apple. Would you like to know how this works?

Well, it is quite simple, to be honest. The people who sell old smartphones on their websites. But after buying second-hand phones they start working on restoring or in other terms refurbishing them. All the refurbishing and repairing is done by their expert technician. Once the refurbishing process is complete and the phones pass every test only then they will put up the device for sale. You also have a couple of months’ warranty with these phones and they also come with the accessories. You will get a 50 to 70% discount on every smartphone depending upon the brand and smartphone’s present condition.

Yaantra: – If you like to sell old second-phones only in 60 seconds. The Phone Cash option available on their certified site will help you sell your old phone easily. Over here you can purchase more than thirty big brands of smartphones. You can select your favorite from 1500 models that are available for their consumers. This is a small part of their business since they also provide their clients with doorstep phone and laptop repair services. If you want them to take your phone or laptop to their lab.  The technician will come and pick it up and return it in only a few hours on a day or two. Depending on what needs to be fixed. They also have a 6-month warranty on the repaired body part.

Cashit: – If you are facing a difficult time in selling your big brand devices such as Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac for the best market price. Well, Cashit is here to resolve the issue in three easy steps. Pick the device that you would like to sell and answer all the questions regarding the device’s current condition. After that, they will instantly quote a number if you are satisfied with the numbers. You can book a doorstep pick service. In the third step, an expert technician will reach the location and check the phone, and will pay you right on the spot. On Cashit you can not only sell an old smartphone, iPad, and MacBook. Cashit also purchases old TVs, washing machines, cars, bikes, gaming appliances, air conditioners, and many more electric devices.

GetInstacash: – It’s not easy to find a website where you can sell old phones not only nationally but Internationally as well. getinstacash provides its services to 1200 towns in India. People from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and India is where getinstacash is ruling over their customers. Sell old mobiles from brands like Apple, Samsung, Mi, OnePlus. It’s hard to look for genuine buyers for big brand smartphones who will quote a reasonable price for your old device. But getinstacash made it easier with their three easy-step services. Making their clients happy not only in India but also overseas.

Cash2Phone: – Moving on to the last website on our list Cash2Phone. Is not only exceeding our expectations but also their clientele’s expectation as well. This site is pretty straightforward if you would like to choose their services. Pick the device that you are selling and the model, and explain the phone’s present condition. Get an instant price quote for your device. If the price meets your expectation therefore you can go ahead and schedule the pickup time and location.

Mostly within 24 hours, an expert technician will be sent by Cash2Phone. He will check if the described condition on the website meets the current phone state or not? If there is extra damage that wasn’t mentioned on the website then they will give you a new offer if you accept it. They will immediately make the payment through your preferred method of payment and will leave with the device. You can get the best deals on Apple iPhones, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Mi, Realme, and the OnePlus Smartphone.

Final Verdict: – Buying and Selling old phones just got easier with these websites. Who wouldn’t prefer hassle-free service over a time-consuming method of visiting a seller or finding a buyer in your locality? If you want to get your phone repaired and buy and sell second-hand phones then you must check out these websites and earn instant cash to make the next purchase.

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