Things to Consider when Buying Hi-Vis Clothing for your Team

High visibility t-shirts are essential for workers who work in hazardous environments. So the firm owner must buy work-appropriate safety apparel for their staff.

High visibility t-shirts have become a “standard” in many industries worldwide. When worn correctly, its safety fabrics save lives. However, only the best hi-vis apparel is practical enough to help those who work in hazardous environments.

You must consider numerous factors to obtain the best safety wear for your needs. Before you go out and buy your PPE, think about which one is best for your workplace.

What Is High-Visibility Apparel?

High visibility t-shirt is exactly what it sounds like high-visibility safety workwear. It’s any piece of attire that makes you more visible to others. Whether on a construction site, driving, or walking down the street, you can have it in the form of brightly colored or reflective jackets, vests, shirts, and pants.

It can increase your chances of being noticed by others, which is critical for everyone’s safety. Whether you’re working, walking, or standing still, the following people should be able to spot you:

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  • Drivers, particularly those operating trucks and other heavy vehicles
  • Road workers
  • Construction workers
  • Heavy industry workers
  • Railway and roadway personnel
  • Survey crews
  • Safety employees, such as night security guards
  • Emergency response personnel
  • Police officers
  • Electric and utility workers
  • Fire department personnel
  • Airport and ground crews
  • Employees retrieving shopping carts from parking spaces
  • Factory or warehouse personnel

Important Considerations When Purchasing a Hi-Vis Jumper

High visibility clothing has become the “norm” in many industries worldwide. To remain visible around moving vehicles or machinery, workers should wear high visibility t-shirts or jumpers. But it is difficult to find a suitable hi-vis jumper can be difficult. It is not the only budget to consider when purchasing. There are many other factors that you must consider when purchasing safety apparel. Here are seven essential factors to consider when you buy Hi-Vis shirts.

Nature of Clothing

It is preferable to examine the conditions under which the workers will perform their duties. If you need to ensure that workers’ upper torsos are visible, a hi-vis jumper is a good option. You can add the visibility pants later if necessary. The fluorescent and extra-high-lighting factor of the uniform is critical for these workers’ safety.

Brand Recognition

Do you know which brand produces the highest quality, high-visibility t-shirt? To get some knowledge about the brand, do some research. Based on the study, determine the brand that will provide you with assurances about the quality of the garments. Moreover, it is beneficial to read online reviews. You can also take recommendations from the experts.

It is good to purchase from a well-known brand because they ensure prompt assistance in the event of a faulty product. Even if you get a defect, you have a good chance of replacing these jumpers later.

The Cheapest Is Not Always the Best

When you buy high-visibility t-shirts, the price should never be your top priority. The biggest mistake is looking for cheap clothing when you need a protective shield. Most of the time, the quality and price of these garments will be in sync. You should be prepared to spend more money for this to be a one-time investment.

Correct Fit

Remember that your employees will wear the hi-vis t-shirts for an extended period while performing their duties. So, whether you’re buying pants, jumpers, shirts, or overalls, make sure the apparel fits the wearer. If it is too small, it has the potential to limit worker mobility. Loose-fitting will also be uncomfortable and reduce team productivity.

Fundamental Standards

Understanding the fundamental standards established by the country’s rules is critical.

Class D: The garment design will only complement outdoor daytime use. It comprises fluorescent or other high visibility non-retro reflective materials.

Class N: As part of the night-time use specifications, the garment will include retroreflective elements.

Class D/N: The garment is suitable for both day and night wear. It will include retroreflective elements on a background of non-retroreflective high visibility or fluorescent materials.

Class F: This high visibility t-shirt is only for daily use. It contains daytime fluorescent materials.

Sun Protection Factors

If your employees work in broad daylight, selecting attire that provides UPF protection is your responsibility. Ideally, apparel with a UPF rating of 50 or higher is an excellent choice. UPF 15 is the bare minimum, and UPF 30 is a good middle ground. If the material is synthetic, there is a chance that the worker will develop rashes. Get more natural fiber with UV protection.

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Water and Humidity Resistance

The hi-vis jumper must contain a specific fabric that does not allow water to pass through the layer after 18 hours. Some employees need to work in the rain. So, the safety jumper they purchase must assist them in all aspects, including dealing with rain.

However, there is no need to rush into shopping for such garments. This will be a one-time investment that you expect to last at least a year. If you keep all of these basic facts in mind when you buy PPE, you’ll be able to make the best decision. In turn, you would provide the best protection to your workers.

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