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OMR Home: All in One Home for OMR Solutions

What is OMR Home (Verificare OMR Software)?

Optical mark recognition is becoming an alternative to the traditional form of collecting data. The process of filling in or bubbling is OMR. It extracts the data from the OMR sheets and with the help of an OMR scanner and Software the final result is generated. OMR Home has successfully served more than 2000 customers across the globe with its services. OMR is used by educational institutions popularly, but its uses are not limited to only this arena. It is also used in educational institutions, universities, and so forth.

OMR home: OMR users and their home 

Since 2008, OMR Home has reached out to thousands of users from around the world. 

Herewith OMR home, you can afford to be carefree. You can design your own OMR sheet that too in multiple sets, which can be read by all scanners. The speed is 10 times faster and the re-read feature is also available. The accuracy is guaranteed. 

One-Click Away – OMR Software, Services, and Solution 

The list of features and services is unlimited and accessible with one click. 

The Desired Design:- the designing tools of the OMR software provide the user with design tools. That helps you to easily generate a customized sheet in bulk. These sheets can be created for all purposes. 

Good to go with any printer:–  you can use any regularly used printer to print your customized sheets. For example,  laserjets, color printers, photocopiers, etc are good to use to print your sheet. Therefore it provides you with the option to print the sheets anytime and anywhere. 

No need to scan the scanner:- You can use not only any printer to print the OMR sheet. But OMR home is welcoming to every scanner also. You can use any scanner such as flatbed/MFP/ADF. Along with this, Verificare is also “sheet-friendly.” The traditional sheets and other plain sheets can also be easily scanned by Verificare Software. 

Your time is valuable to us:- Verificare does not compromise on speed at any cost. The reading speed of our OMR software is 10 times faster. The OMR reader speed is  300 sheets per minute. Therefore the “tiring and tedious task” of checking is now a cup of tea with Verificare. 

Let’s get deeper! 

OMR Home (Verificare OMR Software)

  • Verificare’s product, Test Analytics Software, can examine the results of various tests. Also, it gives you the option to import data directly from the Verificare database, as well as from other databases.
  • The OMR software can generate written and graphical results. That is collected from the OMR forms.
  • Students/parents can easily access the reports online via Online Test Analytics. These reports can also be exported to Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • To make the data more comprehensive. The information is divided into two groups. Subject-specific test reports and individual test reports, provide the student with a deep insight into their result. 
  • It provides the reports in the following manners: Subject Wise Detailed Report, Total Marks Report, Subject Wise Percentile Report (Graph), and Test Code Wise Report (Graph). 

OMR Services 

  • The OMR sheet is perhaps the most important thing. It also provides a printing service. OMR Home can print approx 10 thousand sheets every hour. 
  • You can select the size and type of the sheet and also if you want barcode and OCR on your sheets. 

OMR Solution 

  • By using Verificare, you can export data to your desired format such as CSV, Excel, ACCESS, and SQL. 
  • The marks given can later be generated further as competitive reports for you as well. 
  • Making detailed reports that meet your needs is our specialty. One can also upload results to their website.

The Perfect Package

OMR Home is one point stop where your need related to Optical Mark Reader ends. From OMR services to OMR solutions everything OMR Home provides as per requirements. Schools, Colleges, and any institute that require transforming their evaluation process can consider the use of OMR. It’s easy to use, and maintain and saves a lot of time. It’s also cost-effective and cuts the expenses significantly. One does not have to hire or pay people to perform tasks like sheet checking. OMR Home is a full package deal that provides multiple features. You can also reach the help desk via call or chat if any problem arises. So that, there’s no possibility of complication at your end at all. 

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