Why am I not getting followers on Instagram?

Why am I not getting followers on Instagram? There are about 1.386 billion users on Instagram. And after that Instagram is one of the best popular and most liked social media platforms in the world. There are about 500 million users who are active daily on Instagram so it’s a huge and huge platform.

And if you still not getting enough followers. So that means you are repeating some mistakes again and again.

So we are here with the solution of Why am I not getting followers on Instagram? If you will follow these steps so you will surely grow new Instagram followers.

Your profile

If you are not getting new followers on Instagram. So it could be means you don’t have a good and quality profile. Make your profile complete and give an informatic bio with proper use of the related hashtags. Use the profile photo with your face visibility.

If you are not using a professional account so firstly convert your account into a professional dashboard. And take advantage of more depth insight and performance of your account. 

Low-quality content

Your quality of content is one of the reasons for your failure on Instagram. You are not delivering the right content to your audience or maybe you are not doing research for your content. Maybe you are just doing copy and paste.  

Be curious about your content and do research to make enjoyable and knowledgeable content rather than Why am I not getting followers on Instagram? And if you are a video creator so try to make your face viral.

Rude hashtags

A hashtag is the main element of Instagram. The use of the right hashtag can grow new Instagram followers and reach. But if you are using lots of hashtags in a single post, repeating the same hashtags daily, using banned hashtags so it all is a sign that you are using rude hashtags.

And you are not researching new hashtags so it’s bad. Go and research new and best hashtags and make a proper technique for using the right hashtags.

Not consistent and Timetable

Lack of consistency and Timetable could be a reason Why am I not getting followers on Instagram? If you don’t have any timetable and daily activeness. So you are not engaging with the audience on a daily bases. You are not making any efforts to grow new Instagram followers.  Make a timetable and schedule Keep regular. Post on a daily bases and keep engaging with your followers.

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Not running the Ads

If you are not taking advantage of this method so you are losing your chance of growing on Instagram. Running a campaign can give you a more related and exact audience. You can target your audience according to your requirement. It’s all set on your own you can narrow your size of an audience then you can target the right audience. Run ads and analysis what is your wroth.

Not buying followers

Buy Instagram followers India, many big profiles are using this technique to show their fame. After buy Instagram followers India you will get huge and active followers. And you will be more efficient with your content instant of searching Why am I not getting followers on Instagram?

It is one of the best and simple ways to grow new followers.


After reading all the points go first and know what are your shortcomings? Find them and work on them. Now you can say Why am I not getting followers on Instagram? This all could be a reason for your omission on Instagram. So make focus on these all things and keep growing yourself. And by Instagram followers India if you are interested. 

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