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New Features of eSchool Management System in 2022

New Features of eSchool Management System in 2022

The fact that eSchool holds the pride of place in the education arena of India has always been an inspiration and source of strength for us to perform better. The change in syllabus every year requires us to adapt ourselves according to the requirements of the day. At this juncture, we are pleased to inform you all that keeping pace with these developments, at eSchool, the product of sw3 solutions  the following new features have been introduced:

Chat module for communicating with parents

Online education is a new way of teaching and learning that is changing the way we learn. It is an interactive process where students can ask questions and interact with their teachers at any time.  The chat module has been developed for effortless communication with parents, allowing them to share study material like worksheets in pdf, reference video clips, and many more.  Teachers can even have a personal chat with students about their improvement areas. Teachers can also discuss with other teachers in a personal chat like syllabus and lecture notes.

Admin can indeed share an important notice to students and teachers with broadcast mode. Teachers can create a group and discuss the queries with all the students. The group message can also be only displayed upon the admin’s approval. For stopping students to chat personal, chat between one student to another is restricted

New modifications in fees

The fee module in School Management Mobile Application is an important feature that helps schools manage their finances and keep track of student payments. It has a number of features, including paid and outstanding fees details, online payments, and receipt printing. We have added a number of improvements to the module, including invoice generation for parents who do not often visit the campus. With this feature, schools can assign an invoice for the fees that parents can refer to online or at a nearby bank to pay according to the invoice details. In addition, we have added a “My Deposit” option where parents can check their deposit fees details such as hostel deposits for hotel students or admission deposits if they have been adjusted into another expense like books provided by the school; this option allows parents to check all transactions in one place.

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Attendance monitoring linked with online learning lectures

 Virtual classrooms are a trend in schools across the country, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only do virtual classrooms save money on real estate, but they also help students who have to travel long distances or have other difficulties making it to their school, and they allow teachers to reach more students all over the world (and even on other planets!). We’ve been working hard to improve our virtual classroom platform and make it more accessible for parents and teachers.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added new features for both parents and teachers! Parents can now track their student’s attendance during each lecture in real-time. So, parents can see how many times their child has attended class overall. As well as what subjects they missed out on over a given period of time.

Teachers will also be able to access this information through our multi-campus summary dashboard. They’ll be able to see overall counts and average percentages of present/absent students class-wise as well as genderwise.

To Conclude  

Online School Management applications are being used by many schools for their innumerable benefits. It has made the process of handling administrative tasks much easier,Making life a little bit simpler for the school owners. And it has helped them to focus on teaching and improving the quality of their services to the students. In short, these school management apps have made it easy for schools to run their institution smoothly by streamlining all of their functions under one roof.

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