Learning About Lipstick and Custom Lipstick Packaging

Remember to read through these interesting facts as you gussy up today and stretch your hand to unwrap the vivid red lipstick in its brand-new custom lipstick box packaging. Although the current makeup trends show a dramatic lipstick fad, especially red lipsticks, it is not a new rage. The Egyptians were staining their lips red long before us. Cleopatra was the first one to make red lipstick fashionable. She flaunted her lips in deep red tones, which became a fashion statement. Makeup for ancient Egyptians was a status symbol. It is common for Egyptian men to use makeup daily. The earliest record of lipstick usage shows that Sumerians were the first to use lipsticks. They had no concept of custom lipstick box packaging or any secret formulae to develop lipsticks and used natural dyes like;

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