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Is It Worth Taking a Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

If you want a faster way to start your career in cyber security, then bootcamps will suit you. Although bootcamps are not detailed as four-year programs, they are cheap and can take 14 weeks to 24 weeks to complete. Most organizations hire boot camp graduates due to their unique skills and hands-on experience. Boot Camps are growing in popularity more than attending college, but the question is, are they worth it?

Is Cybersecurity Bootcamps Worth It?

The cybersecurity industry is vastly growing. Most people don’t want to spend years in college; therefore, cybersecurity bootcamps can be the best option. Cybersecurity jobs can be very profitable only if you have the right skills and certifications. The field can be challenging if you don’t have professional guidance.

You can get a cyber security degree in NC for four years, but you will spend more time and money before completion. You can opt for cyber security bootcamps if you are a prospective learner. These coding bootcamps are exceptional, focused, and in-depth classes that cover a variety of cybersecurity ideas and tactics.

The courses take about 14 weeks for full-time students or 24 weeks for part-time students. Here you get hands-on fascinating learning experiences. You get to learn from experienced tutors that oversee coursework, lectures, discussions, and lab work. These camps prepare you for certification testing while developing a portfolio of skills to display to your potential employer.

The cost of the bootcamps is $18,000, whether full-time or part-time. It means you will spend less than attending a campus for this course. There are several ways you pay for your bootcamps, such as through financial aid, scholarships, partnership with boot camp specific low interest, fixed-rate lenders.

After completing your boot camp and passing your certification, you get a chance to meet career services advisors, unlike in college. These advisors work with you to know your goals and strengths in cybersecurity. After this, they match you with hiring partners to help you find the right job for you. However, before you attend a boot camp, you must know how to pick one that suits you.

How to Choose a Bootcamp and the Types

There are several programs to choose from, made possible due to the popularity of bootcamps. They prepare you for cybersecurity careers. However, not all camps are worth it. It means that picking the right one can make a difference in getting a job or getting a company to hire you.

Types of Coding Bootcamps

There are three coding bootcamps, each to meet the students’ needs. They include:

Full-time Bootcamps

This kind of boot camp is intensive and develops your technical skills. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner; you can become an expert in months. It is a sure bet to get a job after completion.

Part-Time Bootcamps

It’s primarily suitable for working professionals. These bootcamps are not intensive as full-time but still require commitment. These classes take place in the evenings and on weekends. It means they take longer to complete.

Online Bootcamps 

These are remote coding bootcamps that people can participate in globally. The good thing is that people access the same tools as in-person bootcamps students.

What Programming Languages you Need to Learn for Cybersecurity?

Various languages are used in coding. But, python is one of the most commonly used languages in cybersecurity. The language is a cyber server-side scripting language, which doesn’t require compilation.

This language allows you to automate tasks which is beneficial when carrying out malware analysis, penetration testing, scanning, and evaluating potential cyberattacks. The language is also popular for its easy-to-read and straightforward syntax. In addition, it has a massive library of third-party scripts available to make coding easier.

Another common language used in cybersecurity is JavaScript, one of the most common programming languages globally. It allows you to capture cookies, exploit event handlers and carry out cross-site scripting. The language is widely used across websites, apps, and networks, making them targets for hackers.

Cyber security degree is worth it as you learn everything like people attending the campus. In addition, you get hands-on skills that will prepare you for the job market.

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