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In The Online Marketplace, New Ecommerce Businesses Are Gaining Traction.

By the end of 2016, the worldwide ecommerce market is expected to have sold more than $22 trillion in goods. Despite the fact that annual growth rates are expected to decline in the next years, the ecommerce behemoth shows no signs of slowing. Experts expect that it will continue to rise in double digits until 2020. (ecommerce platforms)

Because of the fierce competition they face from established competitors, ecommerce startups are concentrating on products that have yet to be discovered by the market. The fact that consumers around the world are willing to buy non-traditional products online demonstrates their growing trust in ecommerce. Consumers are no longer hesitant to click “buy” on things that they would previously have purchased solely in a brick-and-mortar store in the internet marketplace.

Other entrepreneurs are upsetting the status quo by providing products and services that challenge current thinking. Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about.

Can of guitar (ecommerce platforms)

Have you ever seen an oil can guitar? Check out Bohemian Guitars if you haven’t already. The founders of this company watched musicians in South Africa’s disadvantaged communities create innovative musical instruments out of scrap materials. The duo lost no time in turning this once-in-a-lifetime encounter into a unique and artistic method of business.

Bohemian Guitars creates upcycled guitars out of salvaged wood, oil cans, and other materials. The fact that these guitars have a 90-day waiting period speaks a lot about their popularity and demand.

What’s in a box, exactly? (ecommerce platforms)

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. Birchbox, Ipsy, and dozens of other subscription businesses began with a simple premise: evaluate consumers’ preferences, choose goods (ranging from socks to personal care products to snacks and clothing) that correspond with those interests, then distribute them in attractive boxes. Each package’s exact contents are a surprise that arrives on a weekly or monthly schedule. Subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular around the world, thanks in part to the high level of anticipation.

In a single click, you may create jewelry.

Buying jewellery traditionally has been considered a very personal activity. Women, in particular, are more likely to buy items in stores. They get one-on-one attention, get to view and feel the products for themselves, and may even try on a few baubles before making a purchase. However, companies such as BlueStone now sell jewellery online.

This Indian store is revolutionising the jewellery industry by offering everything from common fashion pieces to priceless solitaires. The website includes articles to educate buyers as well as a list of all required certificates to ensure that the things are genuine. BlueStone also publishes designer collections on a regular basis, provides gifting options, and ships internationally.

Purchase a buddy.

Single women will smile sarcastically at this one. Have you ever felt the desire to bring a male buddy to a cocktail party, a wedding, or just a day out in the city? You can now choose a companion from a list of intelligent and attractive men. For $200 an hour, Rent-A-Gent provides a totally platonic, intellectual male companion. ManServants, a similar service, provides male companions who can serve as a bartender, personal photographer, bodyguard, or butler.

Designed specifically for you

Not all ecommerce businesses are based on one-of-a-kind products or services. Some differentiate apart from the competition by offering extraordinary customisation of everyday things.

The Australian company Shoes of Prey believes that fashion should be “personal, amusing, and never dictated.” Customers can choose from a variety of styles and customise their shoes by changing the colour, heel style, and height, as well as the occasion, size, and width.

Rent A Dress overcomes the dilemma of having nothing to wear. Customers can try on a dress for a full 24 hours just to be sure. The shopper can rent it if it’s a winner. If the dress matches the rest of the customer’s wardrobe, it can be swapped for another. Rent A Dress even has in-house stylists who can help customers find the perfect dress for their needs and the occasion.

You can also start an online store.

Any online store requires the use of appropriate web technologies and an ecommerce platform. As an entrepreneur, you have a lot to think about: the quantity of goods, the system architecture, the community, and the ease with which you may add new features.

Magento is one of the oldest and most popular systems, but it’s also one of the most complex and time-consuming. Agile, community-driven shopping cart platforms have stepped in to fill the need and are gaining traction.

More than 250,000 small and major online merchants, for example, utilise Prestashop. It’s easy to use and customise thanks to its intuitive administrator interface, vibrant community, and ease of incorporating add-ons and plugins. Developers, programmers, owners, and buyers alike have flocked to the platform because of these characteristics.

Only half of the job is done once the site is up and running. The most difficult element, marketing, is still to come. Retailers must become more creative in how they deliver items and services to customers. Some online companies are now opting for omni-channel strategies, creating brick-and-mortar locations to provide a more personalised customer experience. Warby Parker, the prominent online eyeglasses frame and lens supplier, is launching physical locations where customers can try on multiple styles before making a purchase.

Businesses will demand sturdy, cutting-edge technology as the ecommerce environment heats up even more. They must sell atypical goods and services while maintaining site traffic. Because of the growing rivalry among online enterprises, the client stands to benefit the most.

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