How to pack a digital piano for moving?

Due to its size, fragility, and cost, moving a piano takes a lot of planning. Most people hire a professional mover like a piano moving company, to move their piano because they think it will be hard to do it themselves. 

This advice on how to pack is meant to show you how to pack your piano safely so that nothing gets broken. When moving something, it’s especially important to use the right packaging because the packages have to be able to survive the fall from a height of about one meter. Please take the time to carefully read these tips on how to pack. 

Important: Please take your piano apart before you pack it.

General information: You can’t seal this kind of cardboard box with masking tape, adhesive tape, or packthreads.

Don’t use crumpled newspaper as padding, but you can use it to fill empty spaces in the package. If you want to use an old cardboard box to pack something, ensure that all old labels and barcodes have been taken off or covered up.


  • Stable box that are the right size for what is being transferred
  • Bubble wrap, packing tape, and a cutter or knife are used for packaging. Air cushions and crumpled paper are used as padding.
  • After taking apart the piano, please tape all the moving parts (keyboard cover, note stand, etc.) with a temporary adhesive that doesn’t leave a residue, like masking tape.
  • Put a lot of bubble wrap around this and tape it together.
  • Protect the edges. If you don’t have any padding already made, a piece of cardboard is an easy way to make some protection.
  • Put the edge shields on the piano and tape them in place.
  • Fold the box’s sides from the bottom to the top.
  • On top of that, put another carton and fold the sides down. Use tape to fix everything.
  • Carefully cut away the extra cardboard, so you don’t hurt the device.
  • Fold a stable edge all the way around and tape it down.
  • Fill all empty spaces with packing materials and fold the long sides up to close the package.
  • Use tape to seal the package, and make sure to put tape along all open seams. The better your device is protected, the better the package is packed.

How do you wrap a digital piano to move it?

Start with the keyboard

Wrap it with packing tape and tape it shut to stay shut during the move. Wrap the pedals in plastic stretch wrap and tape around them to ensure they are secure. Wrap a moving blanket around each side of the piano and tape the pieces together. If you have a piano and are moving, you may need to put it away for a while. Your temporary place of living might not have room for it. Your piano might be a family heirloom, and you might want to keep it for your grandchildren. No matter why you want to store a piano, you should know that taking good care of it is important for its playability and resale value.

If you have a traditional, stringed piano, variations in climate and humidity can affect it. At least once a year, get it tuned up (or more often if it receives a lot of play). Tuning a piano makes it more pleasant to play, but it can also help the piano stay in tune (stay in tune over time).

When you take a piano out of storage with the piano moving company, it’s best to give it a couple of weeks to get used to its new place before turning it. This allows the device enough time to adjust to its new place.

Protection Of Piano When Moving

The health of your piano will depend on where you put it. Avoid putting it on an outside wall, near windows or exterior doors, in direct sunlight, or near fireplaces or furnace vents. Changes in humidity cause the soundboard to expand and contract, which is bad for the piano. 

You should clean and polish a piano before storing it with a piano moving company. Cover the keys with a dust cover and close the keyboard. We use pad-wrapping to protect and keep dust out of the piano while still letting it “breathe.” Changes in temperature and humidity won’t hurt your piano in our climate-controlled storage facilities. This keeps the mechanical parts from being put under unnatural stress that could damage them.

When you take a piano out of storage, it’s good to let it sit in its new place for a couple of weeks before tuning. This gives the piano time to get used to the way things work in its new home. If you are moving a digital piano, you have more time to get ready. Digital pianos are less affected by changes in humidity because they don’t have strings. But it is sensitive to dust, so make sure to cover it to keep out dust and other particles that could affect how it works.

Can a digital piano be laid on its side?

If moving the piano from one place to another won’t hurt it, it can be placed, tilted, or turned in the right way. Your piano could be broken if you drop or hit it, if you bump it, or if there are western objects inside. Planning is needed to make sure that the piano doesn’t get broken.

Can a digital piano be put down?

Even though it may not be as heavy as an acoustic piano, it is still heavy compared to it. Even if you drop the item or hurt your foot while carrying it up a set of stairs, the problem can’t be fixed. Moving big things is a very dangerous thing to do.

How much does it cost to get a digital piano where it needs to go?

It can cost a lot to move your piano. For a small move within 30 miles, you can expect to pay between $100 and $300. For a big move out of state, you can expect to pay between $300 and $1000.

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