How To Manage Translation Management Work More Effectively?

Are you a freelance translator who has to manage multiple translation tasks simultaneously? Well, professional translation is a lucrative career but working on different translation projects at the same time is not that simple. You must have the right resources, such as a cloud-based translation management system, to effectively manage the translation tasks. From the translation workflow to managing the quality of translations, translators have to focus on different aspects of their work to deliver the expected outcomes to their clients. To do it smartly, you should have the right understanding of translation management and how you can make it smooth and easy(best localization management platform).

In this article, we are going to cover the best practices that you must follow as a professional translator to better manage the translation workflow.

What Is Effective Translation Management?

Effective translation management contains optimized workflows with no complications. Every task is streamlined in a way that makes it easy to proceed with translation tasks with much ease and effortlessness. With smart translation management, you can easily manage more work in less time. Most translators use a professional translation management system to manage their day-to-day tasks. When your translation files are streamlined, there will be less confusion, mistakes, and duplication of files, when it comes to working on multiple translation projects.

Moreover, when you use a reliable TMS, it would help you scale your translation project and focus on the end goals of translations. So, when your translation work increases and your client wants you to work on more projects, with professional TMS you can always scale your translator’s network. Better workflow enhances the translations’ quality, and you can complete your tasks in the fastest turnaround time.

Best Practices to Enhance Translation Management Efficiency

Following the guidelines below, you can make your translation management faster and easier.

Get A Cloud-Based Translation Management System

There is nothing more essential than having a professional translation management system in place. Advanced features of cloud-based translation management systems make it much easier for you to handle volumes of content faster and more effectively. These systems contain translation memory and quality assurance tools that help you generate high-quality translation with the best quality possible. You can choose the TMS tool of your choice that contains all the required features you may need to fulfill your translation management needs. Make sure, it uses a reliable QA process to eliminate all the potential errors from your translation that will improve your translation quality and reduce the time required for proofreading and editing.

Add Translation Glossary

For any translator, having a brand translation glossary is a must. Not only because it keeps your translation’s tone aligned with the actual personality of the brand but it also helps the translators fully understand the brand and get an idea about the brand voice. If you are working with more than one translator, every translator should have the same glossary, so all translations follow the same style, tone, and context. Moreover, the glossaries also contain brand terminologies, definitions, and other acronyms that the translator must know.

Outsource The Complex Processes

Most translators commit so much work that keeps them super exhausted and they end up messing up with deadlines. If you are a one-man army, you better know your capacity, or if there is more work piling up, you better get some help. Sometimes it gets important for you to outsource your work to manage it more effectively. So, you better have some translators in your network who can help you deal with excessive workloads. There are TMSs that would allow you to manage a team of translators effectively working from remote locations. So, freelance translators need to make themselves comfortable with outsourcing.

Timely Identity the Loopholes

You need to identify the goals of your translation projects and develop a strategy that supports your meeting those goals on time. It would allow you to get a broader vision of the project, and place your efforts in the right direction. Having a localization management platform makes it easier for you to have a bird’s eye view of your project and make timely improvements whenever there is a need for it. Rather than waiting for the final edits, you can eliminate all loopholes as they occur. It keeps your project in optimal condition and prevents project failures in the first place.


Keeping the translation management workflow streamlined is essential to having an effortless and smoother project execution journey. Having a reliable localization management platform can help you down the line, dealing with all translation management issues and enhancing the overall translation quality. MarsHub is the best localization management platform out there that contains advanced translation management features to fulfill your project needs. It would also make your translation management much easier and hassle-free with an agile workflow.

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