How to know that your Car tyres need replacement?

Car tyres need replacement?

Everyone knows that tyres are a very important component of a vehicle. This makes it very crucial for the owner to take good care of their tyres. After all, tyres provide you with the safety and stability to move on the road surface. You should make sure that you get a tyre that is suitable for your vehicle. But before that does your car even need a change of Car Tyres hove?

Why does a car need a change of tyres regularly?

Tyres are made of rubber material. They are covered with treads. These treads are responsible for the traction on the surface. The grip offered by the treads ensures that the vehicle moves stops or even corners safely. Because of the continuous contact between the tread of the tyre and the surface, the treads wear out. This compromises the ability of your tread to grip on the road. Ignoring the treads can lead to unfortunate events. It is suggested to get your tyres changed if you see any such signs.

When should I change my tyres?

A regular car service will notify you when to get your car tyres online changed. Our mechanics can look at your tyre for you. There are a few signs which indicate that now is the time to replace your old tyre with a new one.

Age of the tyre

The average age of a tyre is 5-6 years. There is no hard and fast rule that a tyre needs to be changed when its treads wore out. Due to the long usage, the material of the tyre could lose its strength. There could be a depreciation in the capability of the tyre. For safety reasons, an old tyre should be replaced. 

Worn out treads

Treads as we have discussed earlier are responsible for the stability and performance of the tyres of the vehicle. Without these treads, a vehicle can’t move let alone stop. The mechanic can check for the signs of worn-out tyres more accurately. So keep taking your vehicle for regular maintenance. The maximum tread depth needed for a tyre is 1.6mm. If the tread is close to maxing out, it is better to get them replaced before it’s too late.

Cuts on the sidewalls

Roads are full of potholes and bumps. The tyres can get affected due to any irregularity of the road. If you notice any scratch or cut on the sidewalls of the tyre. Don’t wait, just get your tyres checked. Most probably your tyre will need a replacement. A cut on the sidewall of the tyre can lead to a blowout. It is better to get it checked before something bad happens. 

Road conditions

A tyre can also get damaged due to your harsh driving habits. Make sure you go slow on the irregular surface. Harsh driving can lead to abnormal blisters on the tyre, cuts on the sidewalls or punctures. Braking too fast can also have an impact on your tyres.

What to look for in a quality tyre?

Size of the tyre

The size of the tyre is mentioned on the sidewalls of the tyre in unique code form. Deciphering this could be tricky. But with proper help, it is a piece of cake. Always get the actual size of tyre that is recommended by the manufacturers. The manual of your vehicle contains the original size of the tyre that is suitable for it. People choose to buy a bigger size than the recommended one. It does give a robust look and performance at the beginning. But in the long term, it will lead to damage to the vehicle.

Tread pattern

Treads as we know now are very important for a tyre and so for the vehicle. There are three tread patterns in the market, symmetric tread pattern, asymmetric tread pattern and directional tread pattern. Symmetric tread patterns are the most common tread patterns. They have similar tread patterns throughout the tyre. Asymmetric tread patterns have two different tread patterns on the inside and the outside of the sidewalls of the tyres. They are good for high-speed performances. Direction tread pattern and singular tread spread all over the tyre in a single direction. Tyres with directional tread patterns move only in one direction that is usually forward.

Rubber material

Rubber is a composition of polymer and chemical compounds. Each tyre has a different chemical compound. The chemical compound used in the tyre decides the performance and quality of the tyre. A good quality tyre gives high- speed rating and resistance to overheating. To sum up, a quality rubber provides you with safety and avoids tyre failure.

If you are looking to get a new tyre. Try car tyres online. It is an easier and simpler way to purchase a tyre. We offer you a wide range of tyres just a click away. If you lack knowledge of tyres, do not worry. Our operator will be assisting you to pick the best quality tyre at a reasonable price.

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