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How to Find the Best Pillows for Side Sleepers in the UK?

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Side sleepers, take note: We understand how difficult it is to locate the best pillows for side sleepers in the UK! We’ve all had the experience of sleeping on one side and having to wake up with an aching neck and numb arm. The battle is genuine, particularly when it comes to finding the perfect pillow for a good night’s sleep. Perhaps a few of us have direct experience of this, pun meant.

But that’s just how it is; you snooze the way your body likes to. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to enhance your experience of sleep, and it all starts with buying the finest pillow. Which cushion is best for side sleepers: a memory foam pillow, a hypoallergenic pillow, a supportive pillow, or an extra firm pillow? Consider the following considerations when looking for the greatest sleeping pillow to alleviate your neck discomfort.

The finest pillows for side sleepers provide more comfort and “loft” (cushion lingo for height) than pillows for back or front sleepers. Why? Since sleeping on your side requires the stability of one entire shoulder. If you don’t have enough elevation, your poor shoulder may compress while you sleep, and neither it nor your neck or back would appreciate you. And, given that so many of us like to rest on our sides, it’s likely that we’re all crushing our necks at night by resting on flatter pillows than we require. You can search the internet to find suitable pillows and we would recommend you search v shaped pillows UK.

How to Choose the Best Pillow

Which Pillow Is Ideal For Side Sleepers?

For greater assistance, doctors advise a higher pillow or perhaps even 2 pillows for side sleepers instead of just one.  But don’t just pull an old pillow from the loft and toss it on atop. A new pillow is indeed a good pillow. Consider how many hours you snooze each week, say, specialists. Your vehicle gets a yearly MOT, but how frequently do you give your pillow an MOT?

Let us wait until it becomes threadbare!”

Resting on the side is well-known for a reason: it’s relaxing. It organically keeps your spine in perfect coordination and minimises stress spots throughout your spine. Nevertheless, if you don’t choose a cushion with appropriate depth to cover the gap beneath your head and neck, this comfortable foetal posture can still leave you with a crick in the neck when you wake up. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Moulded supporting pillows

Moulded supporting pillows are perfect for side sleepers since their elevated portion gives assistance for your neck and space for your shoulder without pulling your head up too high.

A contoured cushion with a high bit for your neck allows your body to relax in a more organic and healthful position, experts explain. It’s particularly necessary if you talk on the phone a lot throughout the day since you’ll need to free up your spine and counteract the pressure on the neck. Memory foam pillows may seem strange to folks who are accustomed to pillows filled with microfibre or down. However, once you’re familiar with the feeling, they may be an extremely helpful choice. This is since memory foam conforms to the curves of the body, cradling your head and neck to preserve your spine aligned. Nevertheless, keep in mind that memory foam absorbs heat, so it may not be the greatest solution for individuals who get too hot during the night. Nevertheless, keep in mind that neither down feathers nor wool is vegan-friendly.

If you rest on your side, two pillows could be preferable to one. An excessively flat pillow might cause the dreaded “shoulder crunch,” which stresses and strains the muscles in your neck while you snooze. So, for smoothness, you might use a firm contoured cushion as a basis and a rather squishy pillow on top.

How Frequently Must You Change Your Pillow?

Decent memory foam or latex cushion can remain for several years before losing its suppleness. Many sleep specialists recommend replacing soft fluffy pillows once a year, although this is unnecessary (not to mention wasteful).

Organic latex is additionally more buoyant and comforting than memory foam and provides a more viable solution. Nevertheless, its eco qualities can raise the price, particularly if you choose natural and other standards. Nevertheless, considering how many hours you invest resting on your pillow, it is worthwhile to invest in a nice one.

Delicate and generally cooling feather and down pillows gradually lose their “loft” and fail to provide constant assistance. Wool is yet another wonderful organic substance that holds its shape better than down.

Final Words

Alternatively, we suggest investing in a well-made cushion which can be washed at least 40 degrees Celsius. Clean your pillow once or twice a month to eliminate dust mites, dead skin cells, as well as other allergies you’d prefer not to be aware of, much less have sleep on!

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