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How To Find A Problem Statement For Academic Research?

Academic research is a way to investigate a particular problem. There are different features to consider in research. The first and most important feature is the research problem. It must be relevant to the title of the research. To find a research problem, you need to identify the limitation of other research relevant to your title. It requires a practical framework to follow. Therefore, this article aims to discuss different aspects of a problem statement.

  1. What is Problem Statement in Research?

A problem statement is a sentence that defines the premises of academic research. It is a quick way to inform the reader about the study’s purpose. Also, it helps the reader identify if the topic of discussion is according to your interest. The research problem and problem statement are two names of the same thing. So, the research problem can be one paragraph only. In this paragraph, you have to look after so many elements. A research problem provides strength to your academic writing. It needs to be straightforward and easy to understand. You do not need to use complex terms in the research problem.

The purpose of the research problem is to discuss the situation. It justifies that the issue under discussion is the need for an hour. Also, it is the best way to give grounds for a research question. The research problem discusses things from a broader perspective. This statement provides a meaningful researchable objective to the topic of discussion, which is termed a problem statement or research problem. However, most of the students don’t know how to compose a research problem and hence hire PhD dissertation writers to get it done for them.

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  1. What are the Basic Do and Don’ts of Academic Research?

At the time of writing a research problem, you should have a clear idea about its do’s and don’ts. Otherwise, you have to deal with so many unpleasant circumstances.

Some don’ts of problem statement include the following elements:

  • There should not be any vague statements.
  • Do not write a very short research problem of one line.
  • You should not have a lack of information while discussing the issue.
  • The research problem should not be more than one page.
  • You should avoid biased decisions.
  • There should not be any irrelevant variables in the research problem.

Some do’s of the problem statement are mentioned below:

  • It should have a comprehensive discussion on the topic of research.
  • You must add the impacts of the study on the potential audience.
  • Discuss the impacts of the study on the environment.
  • Clearly mention the need for research.
  • Explain the implementation of the solution suggested by the research.
  1. What are the Five Elements of a Problem Statement?

As the research question has a direct link with the research problem, you must take it very seriously. You should have a clear idea about the elements that have significant and minor contributions to the research problem. There is a strategy to discuss any issue in detail. This strategy is about dividing one primary task into minor ones. The exact procedure you can apply in case of a research problem. By dividing one research problem into different elements, you can easily recall them. You can also take its elements as a checklist for you. Keep the sequence and purpose of these elements clear to you. When you work on the right order of the research problem, it works as a framework for you. All five elements hit a particular aspect of research. The five main elements of the research problem are mentioned below:

  • Problem of research
  • Solution for a particular problem
  • Purpose of research
  • Methodology of research
  • Ends results of a study

Let’s discuss each element in detail.

  • Problem of Research

The very first element of the research problem is to identify the variables of previous research and make a problem. The research question can be the main problem of research. In a research problem, you have to address the same question. This research problem describes the same question in detail. You have to explain how the question fits into the whole scenario. Explain the occurrence and nature of the issue.

Once you are done with it, then right explanation of the problem and reread it. Make sure it is clear to understand the problem.

  • Solution for a Particular Problem

In the problem statement, you have to propose a solution for the designed issue. The proposed solution must have a ground base. You can also take this solution as a claim. Now, the whole research revolves around it. In research, you need to provide support to the assumed solution or claim. You can also set some conditions to help you get the research aim.

  • Purpose of Research

You can find a research problem from a research gap in academic research. In simple words, the limitation of the previous research is a gap for future study. So, addressing the research gap in your study becomes the purpose of new research. It can also be a theoretical gap. So, identify the best-suited theory and use it in your research. In this way, you can better evaluate and write the purpose of the study.

  • Methodology of Research

Another essential element that helps you find the problem statement is the methodology. From the literature, you can identify the type of methodology. One of the most common factors that affect the research is population. For example, the methodology of the previous research has targeted the UK. Now, you can target the specific population of London. Mention the new methodology and fulfil the fourth element of the research problem.

  • End Results of the Study

The problem, purpose and methodology are the main elements that help you find the problem statement. Based on the discussion of these steps, write down the expectations for the research study. Also, mention the reason behind your expectation. The explanation must be logical.

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Final Thoughts

The milestone of finding a problem statement is not challenging if you follow the right path. The above-mentioned five elements can help you find and address the research problem in a standard way. You can also find the best B-Tech colleges.

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