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How social media is destroying the education system?

The adverse effects of using social media are very common. However, it has been neglected how much of a bad impact it has on the lives of students who use social media.

1. Too distracting

If a student is engaged in using social media a little too passionately, of course, his studies would be disturbed. Any student using a lot of social media would not be able to concentrate on his studies. Students often use social media for entertainment purposes.

However, it is not a hidden fact that social media can be too addictive. In this way, social media is affecting education among youth as they prefer to spend time on social media instead of watching beneficial documentaries regarding their studies.

2. Unproductive activity


Students primarily utilize social media for enjoyment. They spend their free time on social media in order to lift their spirits. However, the problem is that this time spans not only leisure but also useful time. Students become overly reliant on social media. They even neglect time management for studies. Time management is a strategic process of efficiently dividing your time to complete any activity or task.

However, if a student has not completed his work earlier and now the deadline is too near, he may always buy dissertation online to avoid the risk of failing the subject. 

3. Students do not feel like studying after using social media

Of course, the kind of posts that social media offers make you want to neglect your studies. Many students complain that they cannot concentrate on their studies after spending time on their social media accounts. Sometimes, university students face the same issue as they are not able to concentrate on their dissertation. In such cases, they may seek dissertation abstract help available online to get track of things in mind. 

4. Students become insecure


Social media posts usually reflect perfection in people and things. Due to this many students become insecure. They start having insecurities about their looks. This diverts their attention from their actual goals. They become obsessed with the idea of becoming cool and well-liked. And indeed they compare their grades with the toppers too on social media which makes them further insecure; thus driving them further away from studies.   

5. Students might fall into depression

Studies have also proven a strong association between social media use and depression. It has been noticed that pupils get even more unhappy and anxious as a result of their experiences.

This is primarily due to pupils’ tendency to compare themselves to others. And it’s a well-known feature of social media that people only share the highlights of their lives. They have a tendency to conceal their difficulties. Students, on the other hand, develop the false impression that others are living better and happier lives than they are, and as a result, they get depressed. 

6. Cyberbullying among students

This is the most perilous part of social media, which is increasingly popular among teenagers. Social media was designed as a way for you to stay in touch with your pals while also interacting with others in a positive or helpful way.

However, many people increasingly take advantage of social media’s anonymity feature. People who enjoy bullying others make extensive use of it. They have a proclivity for fabricating ids and profiles. They earn their victims’ trust in this way, then exploit them by blackmailing them into disclosing their secrets, including images, videos, and other personal information. Cyberbullying is on the rise among students, who are more gullible at a young age.

7. FOMO or fear of missing out leads you further away from studies


We frequently encounter pupils who spend their entire day on their phones. They simply refuse to put down their phones. Their cellphones serve as continuous companions, allowing them to navigate through the feeds of their social media accounts. This is linked to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). As if their phones were a drug, students are addicted to them.

They’re frightened they’ll miss a message or an invitation from their buddies. What if there’s a new trend that they’ll miss if they don’t keep an eye on their feed? This would undoubtedly make them appear un-cool in the eyes of their peers. Students’ brains are possessed by such fears, and as a result, they waste valuable time in this wasteful activity. They even fail to complete their schoolwork. 

8. Unrealistic goals among students


Social media portrays everything was perfect. Students begin to compare themselves to these images and come to believe that they are nothing in comparison. This also includes having unrealistic physical beauty standards. Of course, we’ll never be as flawless as the models in the photo-shopped photographs we see on social media.

Students get dissatisfied as a result of this. The majority of students are unsatisfied with themselves. They believe they are not good enough and that others are far superior. The more time individuals spend on social media, the lower their self-esteem becomes. Students even compare their grades with others on social media. All of this drives them further away from education. 

9. Adverse effects on physical health

Every living organism has a biological cycle that regulates its sleeping and waking patterns. Humans, too, have a circadian rhythm. This cycle controls the creation of hormones in our bodies. Melatonin, for example, is released in accordance with our natural circadian cycle at night when it is dark.

However, because light from our phone displays impacts the secretion of melatonin in our bodies, excessive usage of social media disrupts our cycle and so generates a chemical imbalance in our bodies. As a result, students wake up and sleep at irregular times, which affects their health.

10. Promotion of hatred among students and even teachers

Social media is a platform that had been frequently using to promote hatred among people of different caste and creeds. Earlier it was just in the form of hate comments, now whole videos are being made on such topics. This must be addressed and resolved to ensure equal educational institutes for both.

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