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How Can I Download Instagram Photos and Videos Using DownloadGram Free?

DownloadGram Free is a very simple tool. It supports you to Download Instagram Photos and Videos perfectly. The DownloadGram tool developer introduced it as the best way to save media from Instagram to any device. Of course, it is the most excellent method of saving media from Instagram. In this narration, we are going to let you know how to download Instagram photos and videos using DownloadGram Free. It will help you to download any video clip or photograph that you need for totally free. It is not complicated at all if you are with the right tool. Here we go.

DownloadGram Free

What is DownloadGram Free?

It is better to introduce DownloadGram Free as a tool that fulfills the demand of having a download option on Instagram. From the very beginning of Instagram, users could not save a single photo from their timeline like any other social media platform. Saving a file is not that complex on other social media platforms. But, because of Copyright Rules, Instagram does not allow you to download any shared media.

However, from now you have nothing to worry about. The tool DownloadGram Free is there for anyone. It is an online tool that users can open using any smartphone or PC. It does not have to download and install on devices like we often do. Your web browser will help you to easily launch it and download any kind of photo or video posted on Instagram. And even the DownloadGram Downloader page does not take long to launch. And there are several amazing features surrounding DownloadGram. We will let you know them one by one.

Is it free?

When you are starting to download using DownloadGram Free, you have nothing to do except submit the URL of posts that you wish to download. It is totally free and there is no premium method of DownloadGram Free. In fact, downloading files is free unlimitedly. Simply open the web page and follow the instructions. You can use the free service of DownloadGram anytime anyplace.

What’s more?

The next important thing is that DownloadGram Free is safe though you are going to skip the copyright rules of Instagram. The tool does not track users or keep records of files you save or your personal details at all. So it is safe and sound. But DownloadGram Free does not guide you to refuse to comply with copyright rules. Just download files for your personal use.

Anyhow, DownloadGram Free can convert files into respective readable file formats. So then, users do not have to covert a single file after downloading them. Files will available in JPG and MP4 formats. Although the tool can download unlimited files for free, users have to submit them one by one. The URL of the post is the most important thing when you wish to download a photograph or video. If you copied the post link accurately, you are halfway there. But the preview step of DownloadGram Online Downloader gives you another chance to check the media file before saving it to the device.

There are a couple of things that you have to think through when getting ready to use DownloadGram. Get through each and every single line to pass media files that you love closer to you.

Download Instagram photos and videos using DownloadGram

Note: Those who are using a PC can easily go through the web browser and open two separate tabs for Instagram and DownloadGram Free. The rest of you can use the Instagram app and then navigate to the device browser and launch DownloadGram Free page. No matter whatever device you use. But, it would be easy to update the app version if it is your smartphone. Let’s go through the step guide.

  • Open your Instagram account and go to the photograph or video clip that you wish to download
  • Copy the URL right away. It is easy to copy the URL by navigating to the options list of each post
  • Go to the DownloadGram Free tab or open it using your device browser
  • Once the web page is there, it is easy to find out the download bar and apply the URL that was copied previously
  • And then click the Download Now button and wait for the preview
  • If the preview is the photo or video that you wish to save, simply click the Download button once again
  • The download process depends on the connected internet connection. It may take a few seconds. The file will smoothly download to the respective folder

Note: If DownloadGram Free will fail to save media, check your internet connection and storage space. If your Wi-Fi connection is poor or the storage space is running out, the tool will not be able to download files to the device. Connecting with a proper internet connection from the very first to last of DownloadGram Free is important.

Wrapping up

There is no doubt, that how to download Instagram photos and videos is one of the most searched questions on search engines. Therefore, we brought you DownloadGram Free as the best way out to bring whatever photograph or video closer to you. DownloadGram Free is not an app to install. Just bookmark it as a web page that you will probably visit often to save photos and video clips from Instagram. It is a quite simple tool with a user-friendly interface. Anyone can launch the page and download files with one click. You can visit the page and check it out before use. The web page will easily open without wasting your time and data. If the connected Wi-Fi connection is stable, there is nothing to worry about saving files rapidly. Let the tool convert files by itself into readable formats when saving.

By the way, DownloadGram Free is an offer from a third-party developer. It is not an Instagram-connected tool at all. Using DownloadGram is not illegal. Accordingly, we welcome you all to download Instagram photos and videos using this great tool for your personal use. 

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