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Get good grades for H2 Chemistry with Chemistry tuition in Singapore

Achieve A+ marks for H2 Chemistry with Chemistry tuition in Singapore

A-Level chemistry examination today is higher when compared to the secondary level mainly for H2 topics for chemistry that include reaction kinetics, optical isomers, and so on. The syllabus for A-Level Chemistry is extensive. It demands practical assessments in labs. Usually, most pupils feel panicky about the colossal content when exams approach but with the best Chemistry tuition in Singapore, you can understand the topics better and score good grades in the main exam.


Understand H2 chemistry of A-Level examination from Chemistry tuition in Singapore:


A-Level Chemistry is the most common subject taken by students. It is considered to be the most competitive science subject at A-Level. This level is also known as the subject with a “Steep bell curve” making it quite tough to clinch A+ scores at A Levels. H2 chemistry A-Level is coupled with a rigorous syllabus that involves multiple cores with extension topics and has proven to be the hardest subject that needs a lot of application after understanding. So, it is common that most students will face doubts and queries, joining the best chemistry tuition in Singapore can be the best option. You have to remember that always getting an A+ result in H2 Chemistry paper 1 requires smart and hard work. You will be required to utilize memorization along with a good understanding of every learning material. Do not waste a moment reaching out to one of the top Chemistry tuition centres in Singapore.


Why additional guidance is needed for the H2 chemistry A-Level examination?


A-Level Chemistry is the most popular, standard and highly competitive subject, especially at the H2 level. Its syllabus is designed with clear understanding and application in mind instead of focusing on forced rote memorization of content. At this level, chemistry is seen as a big challenge because of the huge amount of application needed along with a good grasp of the base concepts. There are many topics built upon the IP chemistry or O-Level chemistry syllabus but most of the syllabus of O-Level Chemistry is new and needs higher-order thinking to score an A in the main exam. So, with the huge amount of content accompanied by a quick-paced learning environment, most pupils end up fighting with school lectures and can not learn at the needed speed. It leads to their less score and increases their anxiety level by making it even tougher for pupils to understand & learn.


Exam format of H2 Chemistry A-Level:


•1 deals with MCQ of 30 marks that will take 1 hour

•2 consists of Structured Questions of 75 marks that take 2 hours

•3 deals with free response questions of 80 marks taking 2 hours

• 4 is of Practical exam of 55 marks which takes 2 hours 30 mins


Some best strategies from tuition teachers to score straight A in the H2 chemistry A-Level examination:


1. Try to make a summary of question types and answers


This is one of the best strategies that help students to keep a clear notebook of different question types as well as answers. Here you can summarize all key concepts by every topic. It makes the study an easier process to recall answers quickly. This strategy guarantees when you see a similar type of question in the main exam, you can identify the topic fast. When you see tough questions, students can even break them down.


2. Practice is the ultimatum


While studying chemistry, it is best to revise lecture questions, revision packages and tutorials thoroughly. It allows you to get exposed to different types of questions. Chemistry tuition recommends students memorize and then write down how to answer those questions in the compilation.


3. Look through each single answer


If you believe that you have still written the correct answer, it is better to go through those answers once again as most pupils make silly mistakes. This technique helps in spotting an error or skipping over things.


4. Always ask for help


Don’t feel awkward asking for help when you get doubts in H2 papers be it school lectures or tuition classes. Ignore what others say. Try to accumulate all your queries and ask teachers.


5. Join the best Chemistry tuition centre


If you are facing challenges in H2 chemistry A-Level hire the best chemistry tuition teacher who can offer the best guidance with relevant notes and resources.


We hope this blog post has helped you with the strategies to score good marks in chemistry exams. Make the toughest journey of studying H2 chemistry easy with a reliable Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore. Chemistry tutors can help students mitigate stress surrounding the huge content of chemistry by offering holistic education. Do not waste a moment and engage with the trusted learning centre.


Miracle was set up to help students learn better and faster. How? By providing an easy to understand explanation of concepts with good application techniques, students can score well with much less effort and time. Miracle helps academically weak and strong students excel in school.

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