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Everything You Need To Know About Newsjacking & Its Uses, Pros, And Cons,


The power of print and electronic media is brimming at present. Anything we listen to as breaking news reaches in all parts of the world making everyone aware of what is happening around. These are also known as fast news conveying mediums. There are many positives to the news media industry.

Today, we can somehow relate the term newsjacking to the news media industry. It refers to an idea based on hijacking the concept of some event current that has happened currently and using it to reshape the existing promotional idea for a brand.

Understanding Newsjacking

The technique of connecting a product with a major story in order to attract media attention and increase the brand’s visibility is known as newsjacking. Most companies do newsjacking post writing to reach a larger audience quickly. While newsjacking started as a public relations strategy, it has since evolved into inbound brand digital marketing content strategies.

Newsjacking is often scheduled prior to the events to happen in the near future such as any sports world cup, politics, cultural event, business activity, etc. The concept is generally used by brands to popularize their products and services. For example, before the cricket world cup tournament starts we see advertisements with famous participating cricketers on TV or on social media promoting that particular product. This was just one example and there are millions that can be related to the perception of  Newsjacking. Primarily, it helps bring a new value to the company’s existing portfolio

Besides, it can have negative circumstances when the actual event is found to be a bit of a controversial one in the public eye and someone uses the idea.

How it Works

Coming up with freshly brewed ideas is quite challenging and it can take a lot of time to generate them. To be effective at newsjacking, businesses must have a Content management community and in-house media planning that allow them to quickly produce fresh material that is unique to the brand and is directly tied to the original event. As the excitement surrounding a news story grows, companies utilize keywords such as #hashtags to boost search engine traffic on social networking sites. Hashtags play a vital role in the digital realm.

The News Circulation

The most recent example is a global pandemic, during which all of us were scared of losing our lives due to falling victim to this deadly viral disease. This issue provided a golden opportunity to the pharmaceutical sector to sell their products such as hand gloves, personal protective equipment, sanitizers, face masks, etc. What they actually did is that terrorize folks telling them the worst consequences of not using their products and so on.

Just remember that anything you do in the media should support your marketing goals and help you obtain attention. The promotional content stays valid and liked by the audience until the news remains trending and is talked about by everyone in the town. As a result, news has a chronology in which many aspects and phases of life take place. This means that your newsjacking efforts should be well-timed to coincide with the news’s suitable life cycle and assist your overall plan.


The following are some of the advantages of hijacking the news:

Brand Awareness

Even if all of the people out there don’t know about your brand, after newsjacking most of them will become aware of what you are trying to sell. The message will reach far away through social media platforms specifically along with the electronic media.

Enhanced Social Media Engagement

The more you’re shared, the more chances you’ll have to gain brand exposure. Everyone wants a piece of you, therefore this is why. Turning news into content on your website is perhaps the greatest and most efficient technique to promote your brand and attract more visitors when compared to many other newsjacking strategies.


Newsjacking is considered to be a high risk, and high reward. It should be mentioned that the great benefits thereof are accompanied by many dangers. The downfalls of this tactic include:

The only attractive aspect of newsjacking is that it revolves around the trending story. And as the story gets older. All the high flames will also settle down gradually. It means that newsjacking is time-bound and gives rise to the numbers in brand recognition. Interaction, and site traffic when you’re trending.

Besides. It is an extremely fast-paced job and requires real promptness to take an idea from the current story. And tether it to another idea.

Custom Newsjacking Post Writing

To get a remarkable audience attracted to what you offer. It is of great importance to design a whole new and customized plan to accomplish newsjacking. News hijacking can also be done oneself by taking your marketing and production team on board. Most of the bigger brands promote their products by designing excellent commercials taking the help of some trending idea to incorporate into their brand’s awareness.

There are some key steps to keep into consideration before getting into the newsjacking industry.

Stay up-to-date

Today the only way to stay up to date or ahead of time is the internet. Apart from print or electronic media which is enough to get the latest news from all over the world; social media has taken over the world of communication that nothing else can beat.

Besides, we come across the opinions of billions of people around the globe. Social media platforms are a great source to know what’s trending and what’s not.

Be Who you are

Don’t make the mistake to divert from your original identity and put every effort to relate the current happenings to your brand’s name and services. For example, after the release of Netflix’s original South Korean series, many sports brands took the idea to promote their tracksuits in the same teal color the characters wear throughout the series. Also, the white Vans become extraordinarily popular after the show got unleashed. This can be a very recent example of newsjacking.

Avoid being obnoxious

Being a professional it is significant not to be offensive and mock anyone’s idea especially publically. However, it’s okay to use their thoughts to support your concepts of brand promotion.

Make the most of your ingenuity. You may utilize memes or display some sense of humor on social media depending on the circumstances of the news. This may increase the likelihood of the content circulating online.

Look for Relevance

Part of this involves actively checking relevant news sources. but there are other methods to keep your mind on the beat as well.


You must be up-to-date on the new jack’s issue and possess a high level of competence in it. That’s why you should keep an eye on the news. In order to get a sense of what’s going on and how you’re doing. You’ll be able to tell if your newsjacking campaign was a success and if it offered value to your business plan in this way.

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