Essential High Volume Recruiting Tactics in 2022

If you want to hire many people in 2022, you’ll need to have a lot of different tools in your toolbox at all times. People who are good at their jobs will always be available for hire, as long as you follow the steps in this guide.

A company needs to hire more people quickly. Are they new? Do you think the company will change after a merger or acquisition? Do you need to find the best contractors for it?

If you need to hire a lot, the best people will be hard to find. You’ll need some tricks up your sleeve or you will need to hire the best Abu Dhabi recruitment companies. Here we have presented eight ways to make sure you always have good leads coming in.

What do you mean by High Volume Recruiting?

People who do high volume hiring hire for many open jobs in a short amount of time. As many as a thousand jobs can be added to the job market each year. Because of seasonal hiring, new store openings, or rapid growth in the company, it is common for many new employees to be hired. According to a survey, most jobs get 50 applicants, but most high-volume jobs get more than 250 applicants.

· Work with hiring managers to set obvious expectations for the job.

Before embarking on a high-volume hiring project, hiring managers know what they can and can’t expect. You should know how long it should take to get feedback from candidates. Delays of a few days can slow down the process and even make it more challenging to find suitable candidates. You should also be clear with your hiring manager about how quickly you, as a recruiter, can get the job done.

· Set up group sourcing meetings.

The group sourcing sessions with your recruitment team can be a great way to quickly find many people for jobs. You can even ask hiring managers and their team members because they might have a lot of people who can help you. You can also get better results if you ask them to give you a warm introduction on LinkedIn than if you reach out to them. More info here to best abu dhabi recruitment companies.

To get the most out of this source of referrals, you could use social recruiting tools to make the process more efficient. These tools let you find people based on the social connections of your employees.

· It would help if you thought about improving your In Mails.

People who aren’t actively looking for jobs might get a lot of In Mails with generic-sounding job offers every week, so you need to make sure that your job offer stands out!

It’s important to include important information about the job, so you don’t have to talk about it again on the phone. You’ll also be able to stop making these phone calls when candidates aren’t interested right away and focus on attracting those who are interested instead.

Based on data from LinkedIn that 72% of people want to know how much money a job pays in the first message they send about it. If there’s confusion between what’s on offer and what the candidate wants, this information can help both of them save time. It’s essential to check with your hiring manager to see if you can share this information with the candidate.

Also, note that not everyone checks their In Mails every day, so keep that in mind. You can differentiate your response rate by setting up a few quick follow-ups.

· Organize a group of interviews.

Batch interviews are the best way to save time when you need to interview many people in a short amount of time. The typical way to do it is to invite 20–30 people who have already been vetted to an event that includes one-on-one interviews and group games. More info here to best abu dhabi recruitment companies.

Some of these events can last from a few hours to a whole day, and they could save both you and your applicants a lot of time because you won’t have a lot of interviews over a few weeks. It’s also easier for interviewers, who don’t have to keep saying they’re available. They can set aside a day or half-day instead of always saying they’re available.

There is even more to it, if you do batch interviews right, you should be ready to decide by the end. There is even more to it: if you do batch interviews right, you should be prepared to decide by the end.

· Keep the process of applying for a job as short and straightforward as possible.

It turns out that 42 percent of people who applied for jobs found long applications to be the most frustrating part of the hiring process. You can’t risk having qualified candidates drop out when hiring many people because another company got there first. More info here to best abu dhabi recruitment companies.

LinkedIn is a good example: in 2021, they had to hire many people in a short time. They came up with a three-step process for hiring people. The first stage was a phone interview and ranked candidates from one to three on a scale of one to three. However, when they found that 90% of candidates who scored a three made it to the final interview stage, they started fast-tracking those candidates, which meant that everyone could save a lot of time.

It’s better to make your application and interview processes more efficient so that both hiring managers and candidates don’t have to waste time. 

· Make it easier for candidates to decide.

Unless you give people time to think about an offer, they might not be excited about the job, not understand it, or not want to work there.

When hiring many people, it’s also essential to keep this time short. For example, 48 hours is an excellent time to hire someone. It gives candidates time to think, but it also doesn’t waste too much time on the company’s side. Keep in mind that your second-choice candidates might get other job offers while you’re waiting for them to come back.

· Take care of your ATS.

A suitable Applicant Tracking System can help you see how you’re doing to acquire the right people for your company. Even so, it’s essential to keep it clean by getting rid of old data that isn’t relevant or useful. It could mean eliminating duplicates or apps that haven’t been properly closed out.

It’s possible to make sure your ATS is working for you in the future by setting up best practices for data entry, giving people who use it training, and performing spot-checks on new records.

· Use stats to figure out what’s working and what isn’t working.

A high-volume recruiter’s secret weapon is your information about past and current applicants. If you use it right, it can help you get more jobs. It can help you figure out where to spend your time and money in the future.

Also, you can get feedback from candidates about their experience to figure out where you could make your process more efficient.

How many candidates usually make it to each stage of the hiring process, compared to how many ends up getting hired, can help you plan.


You can make high volume recruiting fun for both the recruiters and the people who want to work for them. Make sure to keep candidates interested throughout the whole process. Even if you have to deal with many applicants, the right tools can make the whole thing easy and fun. More info here to best abu dhabi recruitment companies.

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