Do You Know the Right Way to Clean Your Helmet?

A biker rides on a strong and sturdy helmet that ensures safety on the road. So, it is must-have gear for riders for a tension-free journey. Yet, most people forget to clean them regularly to prolong their longevity. Knowing the proper way to clean your helmet won’t take much time, and you can always wear a fresh-smelling helmet. 

A helmet becomes dirty and smelly every time you ride. It collects the sweat from your head and face on the inside. On the outside, it accumulates salt, road grime, and sometimes dead bugs. So these are the impurities that can damage the functionality of a helmet if not washed or maintained. Yet some people don’t bother using the helmet hanger to hang their helmets.

Drying off the helmet and doing a simple wipe-up on the outside after a ride is crucial. But it’s also advisable to go for a deeper clean sometimes. The motorcycle helmets contain mainly five parts, i.e., helmet outer shell, helmet visor, a crushable liner, chin strap, and inner lining pads. Many bike care products are available in the market for this riding gear

You can also use some household items to get the job of cleaning helmets. Before embarking on the cleaning procedure, have a clean workspace. You’ll need warm water, mild liquid soap/ baby shampoo, a toothbrush (soft), ear buds, and a microfiber cloth. 

Follow the steps for cleaning a bike’s helmet thoroughly:

  1. Removing Any Attached Accessories

Remove the attached gadgets like Bluetooth communicator or action camera if you have one. Some bikers use dual-sport or off-road helmets. The best way to clean your helmet is to remove the helmet’s peak. Removing the extra parts is vital for a more profound cleaning experience. Otherwise, the spray of water or soap can damage these costly helmet accessories. 

  1. Remove the Inner Liners

Nowadays, modern helmets have removable inner liners. The liners are easily detachable just by pressing some buttons. But try to avoid removing the crushable liner attached to the top of the helmet. 

  1. Prepare the way to clean your helmet

Use a spray bottle to spray the solution of lukewarm water, mild liquid soap/baby soap/ or ordinary hand-wah soap. Your helmet generally attracts dust, dirt, or muddy layers when off-road. Drape a warm-water-soaked microfiber cloth over the helmet for at least 15 mins to wipe away all the impurities. 

In the case of an off-road/ dual sports helmet, the same kind of treatment is effective for the removable peak. The proper way to clean your helmet visor if it’s too dirty is by soaking and wrapping it in a microfibre cloth. Then, use a previously soaked –microfibre in warm water and mild soap. 

  1. Cleaning the Liners/Inner Padding

Liners suffer the maximum tolerance against sweat and hair oil. You get the first sign of cleaning your helmet when you encounter a smelly helmet at the time of wearing it. Follow the way to clean your helmet liners:

  • Take a bucket or tub filled with warm water and mild liquid soap.
  • Dip your helmet paddings into the bucket and hand scrub and squeeze them as thoroughly as possible.
  • Change the water as required as you see the traces of dirt and soap fading away. 
  • Hold the liners in your hands and squeeze out the water properly.
  • Let the padding liners dry in the shade and try not to dry them up using a hair dryer. 

5. Clean the Outer Shell

It is a continuation of step three, where you applied the drape over the helmet. Your helmet is now ready for deeper cleaning. Clean the removable peak at this stage if you are using dual sports or off-road helmet. Please don’t skip this step, as the way to cleaning your helmet is a meaningful way.

  • Get a new clean microfiber cloth.
  • Use a clean solution of warm water and mild soap in a bucket and dip the microfiber.
  • Squeeze out excess water and keep cleaning the shell till it’s spotless.
  • Use a soft toothbrush to reach the crevices.
  • Take care not to use any cleaning solvents that might damage the paint on the outer shell. 
  1. Clean the Sun Shield Protector

Clean it very carefully if you have an internal sun guard or shield. They also collect dust and so clean them using a sprinkle of water and wipe them off with a microfiber. Take care not to leave any scratches or marks, as it is the correct way to clean your helmet.

  1. Clean the Visor

The visor is the most vital part of your helmet as you view the world with it while riding. So keeping the projection clean at all times is necessary.

  • Use soft cloth or microfiber to clean them using lukewarm water.
  • To remove the dead bugs use mild soap and ear buds.
  • Scrub very softly and take care not to leave a scratch. A scratched visor is of no use if it prevents proper view. 

If you are not going to ride for a long time, you must follow the way to clean your helmet before storing it. A dirty and sweaty helmet is the breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. So care and clean your helmet regularly for its longer shine and longevity. Always have a safe ride; you can find many top-quality bike accessories and riding gear from CarOrbis. It is a renowned and trusted website all across the country.

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