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Cricket! Creator! Content! and Commerce- Introducing you to Cricket NFTs!

Cricket nft marketplace

Non-Fungible Tokens barged into this world, supporting digital art creators to monetize their works efficiently. Slowly, NFTs got their update and started coming out with utilities and content offering a meaningful significance to both the buyer and seller. In the last few years, the rumbling boom of NFTs has brought a new era of commerce with the trade of digital assets globally. Assets were physical, and NFTs in the blockchain has brought the new concept of owning digital assets. So, where does Cricket come in here? Sports-based NFTs came out with NFTs made on trading cards, game highlights, shots, and many more. Basketball, American Football, Soccer, Formula 1, and many more games took up NFTs to get into a different fan engagement. And now Cricket is a new addition to the list, which is making millions now.

Cricket fan? And new to Cricket NFTs? Here is everything that is happening in and around.

Where it all started

Though the whole story started with a pixelated art-punk, now even real estate properties are minted as NFTs now. Then why not sports? Fans have this craze for their favorite sports star’s autographed jerseys, bats, and balls. But not all have the luck to get one. There were even cases where you might have seen fans muscling inside the ground to get to meet their stars. Non-Fungible Tokens is now making official authenticated merchandise made for fans accessible for everyone.

NBA top shot came out for all the basketball fans, and then it was followed by a series of sports-based NFTs. They include NFL all day, UFC strike, Formula 1 NFTs, Korean Baseball NFTs, and more. These NFT collections came with match highlights and top moments in short videos, rare images, digital trading cards, signed accessories, and more.

Did you know NBA Topshot has recorded its trading volume to reach a billion dollars now? Sports fans are nowadays into these collectibles, and they own the pride of having them in their collection. Are they just digital files for which you have ownership on the blockchain? Not really. Some of them come with Utilities too. Utilities?

Many Sport NFTs now come with physical assets and perks when you own them. For instance, Como 1907, an Italian Football club, came up with an NFT for their fans. Owing the NFT will offer the owner an airline ticket and free passes to home matches, and a Lake Como travel package. This just gave a whole new concept of making the game tickets into NFTs, which will not only provide the fans with a chance to witness the game but also have memorabilia out of it. Today there are even NFT-based games on these sports, giving the fans a passive income while playing.


Cricket NFTs- The new sensation

Though Cricket is new to the NFT game, NFTs of international players around the globe are circulating in the blockchain today. Many Cricket players began to launch their own NFT collections. Rohit Sharma, an Indian Batsman, launched his collection for his Rohit4Rhinos campaign. This is to spread the word about conserving one-horned Rhinos from extinction. The major Cricket NFT collections you must have a note of are,

  • The first NFT on Cricket was from Rario, which is now giving authenticated collection that contains NFTs of more than 250 cricket players. It is also officially partnering with Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketer’s association to bring their NFTs to the global fans.
  • In the maze of trading cards and highlight video NFTs, smashed the community with cricket NFTs for its cricket-based NFT game. These NFTs include player cards of batters, bowlers, and rare signed Bats. With different categories and levels, these NFTs are creating a history in the world of cricket. Harbajan Singh, an Indian spin bowler said he is eager to play this set of Cricket games in the Metaverse.
  • FanCraze is another cricket NFT marketplace where you can buy NFTs of several individual players like Rohit Sharma, Bhuveneshvar Kumar, Kumar Sangakara, Jhonty Rhodes, and Andre Russel. They have NFT arts, highlight shots, epic moments, and more.
  • Colexion is also a platform giving officially licensed Cricket NFTs to various players. Popular players here include Yuvraj Singh, Glenn Maxwell, Dwane Bravo, David Miller, and more. The marketplace is coming up with a Metaverse-based Museum where the fans can witness Cricket’s rare items in the form of NFTs.

Well, everything is interesting. But wait, didn’t you tell me there are games based on NFTs that will offer a passive income?

NFT games at a glimpse

Sorare, a fantasy football game based on NFTs, gained the attention of many gamers, football fans, and NFT geeks. With that, NFT games based on sports began to come in. F1 delta time for racing and Blocklete Golf were some of them. Do we have a game based on Cricket NFTs? Yes, we do. As mentioned earlier, the world’s first-ever Metaverse NFT game will come out soon as Meta Cricket League. With the success of NFT Marketplace, the trading war for those NFTs is at its peak.


With NFTs gaining so much popularity recently, people are now keen on them. Cricket being a global phenomenon, is attracting more of its fans to NFTs and blockchain. NFTs are not just some digital files in the blockchain; they offer much more than that with Cricket NFTs. The final shot of MS dhoni in the 2011 world cup or his lightning speed stumping, you can own those moments forever in the blockchain in style. That is what NFTs are for.

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