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Identifying your campaign goals and understanding who is in your audience determine the way we create campaigns to achieve specific outcomes(influencer marketing singapore) .

As a result, the types of influencers we require are dictated (and the superpowers they need to have to make your campaign deliver on KPIs).

All of this, of course, influences the type of material that influencers create for your campaign.

There’s a caveat here: a large part of what we provide our clients is the creative concepts our strategy team develops to assist guide and shape the direction of the influencers’ material.

Our Account Managers act as a link between the brand’s intended KPIs and the influencers best suited to fulfil them. We do this in a number of ways, one of which is through developing creative concepts before deciding on influencers.

Influencer marketing has some fairly convincing benefits when it comes to your content strategy:

Outsource content generation to an army of influencers to increase scale.

Increase your exposure by combining influencer selection with keyword analysis, resulting in a broad set of authors creating content tailored to specific long-tail keywords.

Bring in creators who are also ardent fans who can promote your work and improve the likelihood of it going viral to amplify your message.

Use the Domain Authority of your influencer partners to prove your worth and use their recommendations as much-needed social evidence.

Defending Content Ownership

We realise it’s not fun and it sounds tedious, but each influencer campaign must have a UGC rights contract in place.

We usually negotiate the rights to sponsered material so that the brand can use it as they want across their social media channels. However, the bigger the influencer, the more resistance you’ll get from the content producer. This can take the shape of a content expiration date or the creator’s ability to delete sponsored posts from their feed after a set period of time… It can get a little strange and complex at times.

Even yet, it’s critical to iron out those kinds of specifics in writing since influencers have every right to ask a business to remove a post that was part of a sponsored campaign that the brand has already paid for if reuse isn’t explicitly outlined in the contract. In the ultimate worst-case situation, the influencer may file a copyright infringement lawsuit.

When it comes to negotiating UGC rights, both businesses and creators need to be clear and transparent. Brands must inform creators about how they will use sponsored content and other user-generated content, as well as how long they will use it for that purpose.

Removal and Takedown Rights

Include a clause in your influencer contract that specifies when an influencer can remove sponsored content, as well as a statement that you reserve the right to withdraw any content an influencer creates for your company.

Influencers might be picky about what they publish on their feeds. If you’ve ever glanced at an influencer’s Instagram, you’ll notice that they’re picky about the amount of sponsored content they post. And, of course! This is reasonable. You don’t want to see sponsored post after sponsored post because it will detract from their audience’s trust in them.

Brands, on the other hand, require the ability to eliminate content that violates their defined brand requirements. You can’t hang out on the internet with terrible or mismatched stuff that you paid for.


It’s critical for marketers to have agreements with influencers that they would not infringe on the rights or copyright of others. Influencers should never use another creator’s photographs, content, music, or video in their campaigns. That is extremely crucial(influencer marketing singapore).


Because influencers (bless their hearts) will inevitably do strange things, we always include a set of DOs and DON’Ts to ensure you receive what you paid for. So keep track of the hashtags to use, any individuals or things that need to be referenced in sponsored posts, and how long the post will be live on a creator’s site or social media channel.

Confidentiality clauses requiring influencers to keep your super duper top secret. They will include this in other Critical Elements Contracts… and indemnification to keep you out of lawsuit if a zombie apocalypse, Yeti apparition, or odd accident occurs while the sponsored material is being created.

Contracts are essential, and the specifics you include in them can save you time, money, and tens of thousands of dollars in lawsuit. We made stress-free campaigns possible by our ironclad contracts…but believe us when we say that every clause in our contract was the product of a hard-learned lesson.

How to Get the Best Creative Content from Your Influencers

You’ll need really fantastic strategies (plural) to supply the influencers if you want great content from your influencer marketing campaign.

Knowing who you want to target, where they hang out online, how they shop, and having a firm grasp of the buyer personas the business wants to reach with the campaign are all critical aspects of developing an influencer marketing campaign’s strategy. Those three factors come together to create a comfortable cushion on which your strategists may let their imaginations run wild.

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