Can you really find original chronograph watches? 

It is the forever question “what present to give”. There are hardly two or three people in the world that can give a present without hesitation. As every person is unique and as we can’t read other people’s minds it is really difficult to give a present that will be used and loved as much as you wanted to. Even it is difficult to buy a present for ourselves. We go from one shop to another in a chaotic mood but finally, we buy something that we don’t like that much.

If you are in this situation and you don’t know what to buy, you definitely should go to the accessory store.

The majority of people love accessories. Some people love necklaces, some people like rings and some people watches.

In case they don’t like accessories at all, at least they can keep them and then sell them on a rainy day. It is like an investment.

Accessory stores are good also as you can find accessories for men and women. You don’t need to go from store to store to find something suitable for both of them.

But accessories are easy to fake, so you can see plenty of fake accessories out there, especially watches. So, you have to be extra careful to not be deceived, as it is really sad to spend that much money and buy a fake watch. Let’s see how to identify fake watches.

Mistakes, defects

Designer watches, as well as other accessories, are made by strict standards, so you will never find even a scratch on them. That’s why it is really important to pay attention to any mistakes or defects, or misspellings.

Don’t worry the mistakes will be obvious, you will see them at once. Just pay attention before buying.

Lettering is important


Genuine watches, especially designer watches are crafted by master watchmakers. They usually use special engraving tools and instruments that’s why their lettering is quite clear and legible.

So, if the lettering is illegible and hard to read you are about to buy a fake watch probably.

Study brands

If you don’t know any brand and nothing about brands. You are probably going to buy a fake watch. So, start studying watch brands. You can even read the history of the brand: how it was created, by whom, how many years they are in the market, and so on.

After some research, you will know brands, their lettering, serial numbers, etc.

Take the watch

The weight is important when buying a watch. The original, genuine watches should be heavy. If they are as light as cotton you are probably going to fail to buy an original watch.

If you are not sure whether it is heavy or not take with you the genuine watch you or your friends may have. And comparing you will understand if it is heavy enough or not.

We live just one life; we should have all the things we want to. Why not buy Chronograph watches or some luxury jewelry? It’s not a good idea just to survive or buy things that are a necessity. Surround yourself with genuine things and genuine people.

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