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Benefits of developing a cloud-based application in the UAE!

Cloud computing is beneficial to businesses, and it helps in cost reduction and better performance. It is a platform that hosts computing resources over the internet to make things easy. This provides the services like applications, storage, and tell the servers available in the cloud.  Businesses across the UAE are adopting this technology to gain numerous benefits. The essential advantage of it is it reduces the cost of maintenance and ensures the availability of services anytime. 

Cloud always offers efficient solutions to the users. Because of this, there is enormous demand for cloud-based applications among the businesses resulting in the mobile app development companies in UAE working more on building the cloud-based apps for their clients.

Now, let’s talk about…..

What are cloud-based apps?

For any application whose entire data is stored in cloud infrastructure, there will be fewer technical requirements in the device.  In regular applications, smartphones or computer processors can process data and business logic. But in cloud-based applications, these tasks are performed by remote servers.   With this, you can also store data locally to do the work offline. Once the device is online, the app will sync to the cloud.

There are three types of cloud-based apps. Let’s figure them out!

Types of Cloud-based applications

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

This type of cloud-based app allows the users to use the app without installing & configuring it. This service can be used in mobile apps as well as on the web. 

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

This cloud-based type offers all possible things that are essential in app development. These depend on the operating system, infrastructure, and development tools with other solutions like middleware, database management system, etc. 

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

These manage your business’s infrastructure- servers, network, storage, and visualization in the private and public cloud. Companies can access these with the Admin panel. These types contain log access, tracking, clustering, load balancing, etc. Here you get the types of cloud-based applications. Now, let’s discuss the benefits of developing it.

Benefits of developing cloud-based apps

You must be aware that mobile app development companies in UAE are more into developing cloud-based applications. Here are the advantages of the same- 

  • Flexible solution

Cloud services allow you to scale up your product anytime. All you need to do is purchase an extra space in the cloud. If you think of doing this in hardware devices, it is impossible. Cloud gives you more flexible solutions to raising your business. 

  • Cost-efficiency

You can get the benefits of cloud service & cost-effectiveness together with this only when you start your small project. Then, most cloud-service will charge for the services which you used actually.  With the auto-scaling feature, you will not ask for the extra service when it runs, and no costs will be added if you decide to end your operations.

  • Disaster recovery

Without the cloud, no businesses can perform disaster recovery. If they want, they need to supply a separate data center that requires additional investment and set up the backups for restoring the system. You only need to pay for the hardware if you use the cloud services, which means it is possible to prepare and configure a disaster recovery environment. 

  • Various models

If you use the cloud service for your business, you can use various models for it. You are not required to select one solution only.  To meet the requirements of your business, the cloud providers focus on providing many options, which can also be the mixing of two cloud services. 

  • Wider reach

Instead of staying with one geographical environment to host your application, cloud services provide you the space around the world to host an application data center. Businesses also look for content delivery networks to enhance their reach. It is a highly used service that responds quickly to the users by providing access to the app, video, audio, and more. 

  • Easy classification

Cloud services provide unique services to the businesses to handle the classification as they didn’t before. The deployment slots allow you to make disposal in your production with no downtime. After double-checking everything, you can easily switch your production staging slots to go live.

The final thoughts!

A cloud-based application will give you numerous benefits & will also keep you updated with the latest technological trend. Only this service can provide your business scalability and access to resources you need with the valuable cost & the excellent performance. 

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