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Apply to the Best BBA LLB Colleges in Chhattisgarh for a great career

Gaining a professional law degree from the BBA LLB colleges is of the utmost necessity to gain a suitable career in the legal field. This course offered at any of the colleges focuses on some core subjects in the law field like family law, criminal law, consumer protection, constitutional law, labor law, torts, resolutions, legal writing, arbitration, and many more. An average salary in India 4-6 LPA may be offer to any of the fresh graduates with zero work experience.

Employment opportunity in the legal field

Job opportunities for graduates from the best BBA LLB colleges are easily available as teachers at colleges to NGOs or in other legal fields. A plethora of job opportunities abound in almost every sector for graduates with the right kind of skills.

Legal Graduates Jobs availability 

A graduate of any of the law degrees is not prohibit from practicing in court as a lawyer or advocate or working at a corporate firm. Here are a few jobs that are open for graduates from the BBA LLB colleges. These graduates may work as law officers who regulate the legal aspect of any organization. Ensure that the organization stays out of any legal trouble. A starting salary of around 6.5 lakhs per annum is offered to suitable graduates.

Graduates from the best BBA LLB colleges in Chhattisgarh can find work as junior lawyers who are starting their careers in this field. These professionals work along with an advocate and support them while gaining the required skills and experience to one day start their own practices. An initial salary of around 3 lakhs per annum is often earned by young graduates in this role. The role of an advocate allows them to represent a client, a company, or a person to help solve their legal problems and activities. A healthy salary of around 7 to 10 lakhs per annum is easily earned in this role.

Jobs Role

The role of a litigator is usually reserve for only the best graduates from the best BBA LLB colleges. This role is known as trial lawyers who are responsible for handling every aspect of the litigation process. Including the investigation, the pleadings in the court, the pre-trial, trial, the settlements, and the various appeals. This is a good role to gain further experience and create a niche for yourself. Many graduates work in their private practice or they could be associated with a legal firm. A salary of around 9 to 15 lakh per annum is usually offered in this role.

You can’t separate the practice of law from the practice of other relevant disciplines. Law affects and is affected by other aspects and professions in a wide variety of ways. BBA LLB is one such domain that has been quite trending in response to the fast-changing trends of the industry.

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The law education sector has undergone various changes over the past decades. Nowadays, we can find a plethora of integrated courses in BBA LLB. Which offers one with greater relevance in the law industry. With the exploration of nooks and corners of the field. The scope of BBA LLB doesn’t limit the aspirant to advocate practices only. Here are some reasons that underline the importance of pursuing a BBA LLB from the best BBA LLB colleges in Chhattisgarh.

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