5 Important Facts That You Should Know About Logo

To put it simply, logos are images, texts and shapes. It can also be a combination of the three that represent the name and purpose of a business. So, a logo should be more than just a symbol of identification. A well-designed logo tells a brand’s story. Convey your brand message with a logo in a way that helps to establish an emotional connection with your target audience(logo design service).

Logos explain who you are, what you do, and how your brand feels. Colours, shapes and typography all impact your target audience’s perception of your brand. Customers will form a relationship with you at first sight if you do it correctly. Thus, creating a logo should be your top priority when starting a business. It is present on your products, business cards, website, social media, and, most importantly, in your clients’ minds.

Every business owner wants their brand to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Thus to achieve an extraordinary milestone in this competitive market, you must be one step ahead of your competitors. A captivating logo by logo design services can have a significant impact on the market. Moreover, capture the attention of your potential customers. Thus, your logo is essential to your company because it communicates ownership, quality, and values. 

Types Of Logo Design

A logo can take on an almost infinite number of shapes and personalities. Ranging from word-based to image-based. They’re all a fusion of typography and images. And each gives your brand a unique look and feel. Because your logo is the first thing your audience will see, you want it to be the best. Logo design and branding services suggest investing in logos to increase credibility and trust among potential clients. There are different types of logos. We have listed a few types for your understanding. 

Monogram Logo

Monograms are logos made up of letters, usually brand initials. Such as HP, BBC, etc. It is also known as a lettermark logo. This type of logo focuses on simplicity. The font selection is critical.


A wordmark is also a font-based logo. It focuses solely on a company’s name. Such as Coca-Cola. The design is memorable and catchy. When combined with strong typography, the logo contributes to strong brand recognition. 

Pictorial Logo

A pictorial mark is a graphics-based logo. A true brand mark is nothing more than an image. Such as Twitter and Apple.

Abstract Logo

A pictorial logo with an abstract mark is a type of pictorial logo. Instead of a recognisable image, it is an abstract geometric form that represents your company. Such as Pepsi’s divided circle.


Mascot logos are those that include an illustration of a character. They are often colourful, sometimes cartoonish, and always fun. Famous mascots include Colonel KFC. 


An emblem logo is a font enclosed within an icon. These logos have a geometric shape appearance that can make a strong impression. Such as Starbucks’ iconic mermaid emblem.

Importance Of Logo Design

A logo is important for a number of reasons. It makes an excellent first impression, inviting customers to interact with your brand. Moreover, it assists you in developing a brand identity. A logo provides your company with a symbol that will help people remember you. A well-designed logo increases trust by validating your professionalism and encourages people to stay. Create a memorable logo to help consumers remember your brand and cultivate positive associations with you. Logos have a strong symbolic association with people’s memories and emotions. Your logo differentiates you from competitors and promotes brand loyalty. 

Five Facts About Logo

Colour Theme Matters

The colour of your logo influences how it is perceived. It can also influence purchasing decisions. Colour evokes emotions and conveys meaning. Colour can improve brand recognition when used consistently across your marketing. The appropriate colours are determined by your industry and target market. You’ve probably noticed that certain industries use specific colours. For instance, blues are commonly used by financial institutions because they convey security.

Choose your colour based on the emotions you want your customers to feel and the actions you want them to take. Consider human psychology before deciding on your logo colour. The colour of your brand should tell a story. It should communicate your values while remaining distinct enough to avoid being confused with others in your industry. Most brands prefer a limited colour palette. They also prefer solid colours instead of gradients. 

Adjust Elements To Add Value

A visual element adds interest and helps your logo stand out. It captures a consumer’s attention in a little time in order for them to remember you. Moreover, they form an opinion about your brand. Because overly complex logos are more difficult to remember, you should follow the simplicity principle. Reduce your logo to its most important elements. And remove components that aren’t absolutely necessary. Furthermore, in many cases, visual effects such as shadows, bevels, outlines, and gradients serve to overcomplicate your logo. By removing these elements, you can improve the visual impact of your logo.

Typography Is The Game Changer

Although mostly the best brand names are made up of acronyms. They use typography to create an image in someone’s mind. Typography includes the letters in a logo, arranged in some kind of consistent design. Some graphic designers create this by altering the text. Moreover, some by adding an illustrated icon that can be used alone in certain situations. However, make sure that all of the artwork is original and not clip art. 

The appearance of your text can influence people’s perceptions of your brand. Typography includes not only font and text size, but also details such as boldness, weight, format, texture etc.

Tagline To Grab Attention

A tagline is typically a sentence or catchphrase that is placed beneath a logo. It is intended to hook your audience and clarify what your company does. However, logos do not always need to be accompanied by a tagline. It is something to consider if your logo image alone is an abstract. But it does not tell your customers anything about your brand. Thus it should communicate your brand values. 

So, a tagline promotes a brand to the general public. The most important aspect of a tagline is that it be remembered. A tagline can undoubtedly help your brand stand out for all the right reasons. And if you create a memorable tagline, you will be able to see the impact a short phrase can have. A tagline should always communicate the brand’s key benefits.

Shape Psychology

Logo design is all about communicating visually. The art of designing a logo entails knowing what you want to say. Certain images and even the shape of the logo itself bring out certain emotions and feelings. Each shape represents a different characteristic. For instance, circles and ovals convey a friendly and casual message. And curvy lines are fun and relaxing. However, to represent leadership, authority, and dominance, triangles are used. Moreover, rectangles and squares convey efficiency. But to communicate aggression, sharp angles and spikes are used. 

The shape of a logo is crucial because it provides structure to the design. Different shapes are psychologically accepted by the human brain in different ways. Some of them appeal to them. However, others completely turn them off. As a result, understanding the psychology of shapes gives you an advantage when creating a logo.


A well-designed logo is an important part of a company’s identity and serves as a reflection of the company. Every design element, such as colour, font, and shape, speaks to the business personality in an intriguing way. Custom logo design is a method of communicating the brand’s value and personality to the public. The wise use of each element while creating your logo design can yield the best results for you. Investing in a good logo will yield unexpectedly positive results in the coming years.

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