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4 Reasons to Adopt a Customer Centric Mindset in Schools

The education industry is rapidly changing – smart classes, VR apps for studies, and so much more. Having top staff, and providing the best possible education is not enough.  To stay relevant and thrive, you need to keep up with the latest trends in the education industry. Institutes across the globe are working on enhancing experiences for parents, students, as well as their staff.  Why so? Because that is what consumers are demanding. They are paying for a service, and hence, they expect to get a smooth and professional experience. Putting your customers (students, their families, and your staff members) at the center of everything, you can improve the overall experience. This post throws some light on the benefits of having a customer-centric mindset and how help desk software for schools can help you achieve that. 

Valuable Benefits of Having a Customer-Centric Mindset

From enabling organizations to ensure high student retention to creating a lifetime value, here are a few reasons why schools should consider having a customer-centric mindset. 

1. Overcome Growing Competition

Both online and offline, the education market has become so much more competitive. This means students have a lot of options to choose from. If an education institute does not keep up to its expectations, it will start considering other options.  That’s why when you keep the needs and expectations of your customers above everything else, you can make a difference and thus keep them satisfied.

2. Ensure Retention Rates

A school’s retention rate is the percentage of students who enroll in the same education organization the next year. If a student transfers to another institute, it can have a negative impact.  When choosing a school or college, the retention rate is an important metric potential that students and their families consider. Hence, it is important to ensure that your retention rate is on track. Ensuring your students’ needs can help you achieve that. 

3. Provide Lifetime Value

Education institutes have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. They shape young minds into passionate, kind, and successful individuals. Unlike a business that sells, maybe, apparel, for example, the value that education organizations provide is life-changing. The customer-centric approach will help you deliver more value over the long term. 

4. Build Long-Lasting Relationships

By prioritizing this approach, you can reach each student and create a positive impact. Building great relationships include helping students solve their issues, creating a healthy school environment, etc. By delivering positive experiences, you can build long-term relationships with students. They will remember their school or college for their lifetime and also look forward to alumni functions.  In the next section, we will talk about how investing in helpdesk software can help your organization to create lasting relationships with students.

Helpdesk Software – The Ultimate Solution

A helpdesk software aims to help organizations solve customer grievances efficiently and quickly. It creates a positive impact by improving customer satisfaction and increased productivity. In education, whether it is handling an administrative task or solving a query related to classes, helpdesk software can help you manage everything effectively.

How Help Desk for Education Can Benefit You

Below are a few benefits of having a helpdesk software:

It Helps Your Admin Team

The admin team has a lot of work to do. Their task list includes enrolling students, managing classes, handling infrastructure, and such. They constantly have to deal with hundreds of queries raised by students, parents, or teachers.  Taking care of each query manually is a time-consuming process. Here, a ticketing system for schools can help in the process of ticket routing. You can easily take care of each query ticket from a single interface.

You Can Offer an Exceptional User Experience

One of the keys to providing a great experience is to offer help speedily. A helpdesk with in-built knowledge base capabilities can help institutes provide answers to common questions. Using the helpdesk, you can create knowledge base articles and categorize them into different categories like syllabus, admission process, extra-curricular activities, infrastructure, and so on. 

Students can access these questions to solve any query they might have without having the need to talk with the admin department. This saves time and energy for both of them and streamlines the process.

Apart from these,

  • You can actively engage students
  • Bring together different departments of your institution in one place
  • You can leverage reporting and analytics to make data-driven decisions. 

Concluding Remarks

Customer centricity offers various advantages like reducing churn, offering more value, and enhancing customer satisfaction. As students and parents often see themselves as customers in the education sector, it absolutely makes sense to have a customer-centric approach. Look for ways that help you better understand and cater to the needs of your students. This way, you can foster retention and give your education organization a competitive edge.

To build a customer-centric culture, start with empathy. Understand the reason behind your customer’s emotions. The next thing to do is to anticipate their needs and requirements. Collecting their feedback can also help in understanding what is working and what needs to be improved.

Maulik Shah

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder of DeskXpand, A full-fledged ticket management system that comes with the right tools to provide a seamless and cost-efficient customer experience. Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various aspects of the customer support platform.

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