You Need Linen Bath Towels in your Life

Towels have been a necessity for us ever since humanity has been around. We need something to wipe our bodies with when we get wet. The earliest towels have been known to have originated from Turkey, from the city of Busra, where hot springs were abundant, and a need for cloth that absorbs moisture was needed; thus was born The Pestamel, the first modern towel.

21st Century

Cut to the modern 21st century, with the industrial boom and the need for these silky soft pieces of cloth has only increased. Today an average house has a wide variety of towels, like Tea towels, washcloths, beach towels, hand towels, and so many more. But none are as crucial as bath towels. They are an essential piece of bathing equipment in western homes, and rightly so. Bath towels are manufactured in a variety of clothes, but none are as prestigious and functioning as premium linen bath towels.

Linen is a super absorbent and soft material that is quickly replacing cotton as the primary towel. If you are still using cotton towels for your bathing, then you need to switch to Linen as it is the most perfect material that could have existed. When you think about it, Towels and Linen make the perfect combination, a cloth that is used to absorb water and a material that absorbs water perfectly. A match made in heaven.

The Lovable Fabric

Linen Towels are the perfect fabric for these wet situations, as they absorb water quickly and they dry up quickly as well, making them perfect for repeat usage, and their natural healing properties make for a long-lasting product. Additionally, Linen Bath suppliers are on the rise now, with many companies now shifting from cotton to Linen to offer a superior product that is appealing to customers.

Another reason why you need Linen Towels in your life is because of the toughness of this material. Although it is a little expensive, It’s also very durable and lightweight, and linen bath towels last for ages. With time, it’s only going to become smoother and silky, and with each wash, you’re going to get a softer texture.

The Amazing Pattern

Linen bath towels usually come in a waffle pattern, where they are stitched in a crisscross pattern, which allows for a more intimate and memorable bathing experience. This benefits people who have sensitive skin, as its soft and fluffy texture doesn’t irritate the skin when contacted repeatedly with the skin.

When visiting a place made for swimming, like a beach, sand, dirt, and debris tend to stick to traditional clothing, making your trip a disaster, but with linen bath towels, these unwelcome things are just a shake away. Linen will sweep all the dirt with just a shrug, ensuring that you have a trip that’s full of good memories.

Its premium silky feel is second to none, and with its ultra-high-end finish, linen bath towels make for a brilliant bathing accessory. And unlike towels made with cotton and other materials, which tend to smell funny after just a few uses because of the built-up moisture inside them, Linen bath towels wouldn’t encounter that problem, as they dry away instantly, and their micro anti-bacterial properties breakdown any building mold.

The reasons to opt for linen bath towels are endless, and rightly so. Make the smart choice and turn to Linen as soon as possible. And not just for baths, but Linen makes for a spectacular fabric in all the different facets of life, with washcloths, hand towels, tea towels and whatnot. They are sustainable, environment friendly, soft, durable and are the perfect textile accessory for everyday use.

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