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Yerevan travel tips: All you need to know about visiting Yerevan, Armenia

Contrary to popular belief that summer tourism is the best, the most enjoyable time to visit the country is the off-season. It is during this period that the weather here is most favorable for any kind of recreation. Experienced travelers recommend traveling to Armenia in April-May or September-October. During these months, as a rule, you will not find sultry heat or frosty winters. You can easily rent a car Yerevan and be a part of that amazing country. Because car hire in Yerevan is very popular and also rent car Yerevan Armenia is very comfortable.

Holidays in Armenia in summer-spring 2022

Summer-spring holidays in Armenia abound with a variety of activities for every taste and budget. Tourists who prefer outdoor activities can go for walks around the outskirts of cities, where they can be provided with extreme types of entertainment, for example: zip-line, rock climbing, etc.

Those who are attracted by history will have to work hard: the country is oversaturated with ancient monuments, monasteries, museums, temples and ancient caves that cannot be explored even in a few weeks. Lovers of lying in the sun will also find a place here: Lake Sevan seems to be specially created for a serene beach holiday. And those who wish to improve their health are invited to stay near the famous balneological resorts.

Balneological resorts.

The balneological resorts of Armenia are based on the places where deep mineral waters come out, thanks to which the health-improving activities of such famous medical centers as Jermuk, Sevan and Dilijan are carried out.


The balneological resort of Jermuk is known for affordable prices and a variety of thermal pools. On the territory of the balneological center there are hot, warm and cold fonts, the water in which began to break through to the surface as early as the 1st century BC. Jermuk settled high in the mountains (more than 2000 m above sea level), thanks to which gorgeous panoramas open from here. No less famous are the stepped waterfalls, forests and rivers that are in close proximity to the resort.


The balneological resort of Sevan is located near the lake of the same name, which bears the title of the pearl of Armenia. Lake Sevan is the main source of freshwater in the country. It is unique in that it is located at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level in the depths of a mountain bowl. Here you can not only improve your health by using the services of sanatoriums and balneological spa centers, but also enjoy a serene and relaxing holiday by going fishing or visiting the beach area of ​​the lake.


This is not only a balneological resort, but also the largest cultural center of the country. Walking around Dilijan, you can get acquainted with the amazing architecture and ancient monuments: miniature carved balconies, cozy old houses with tiled roofs, temples and monasteries. On the basis of the balneological center, a mineral water plant was built here, which has been operating since 1947. Sanatoriums and boarding houses, hotels and spa complexes lined up around the mineral springs, where every tourist will feel convenience and comfort.

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