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WPC Fencing: Does It Warp?

When you construct WPC fencing, it does not warp like a wood fence. This quality is not exclusive to WPC fences. When you put WPC materials in your yard, they won’t swell and distort. Why doesn’t a WPC fence warp look like a wooden one? Let’s take a look at the components of a WPC fence to help answer the issue. WPC or plastic fencing Wood is a strong fencing material that can tolerate weather conditions. It’s because they’re made of plastic and wood fiber. In a facility, the wood fiber and plastic were combined with an adhesive and heated to create the WPC fencing panel.

Plastic is a material that offers plastic-wood fences an added layer of defense against the weather. It is one reason the color of a WPC fence won’t fade over time like a wood fence. Additionally, plastic shields it from moisture. The WPC fence will not absorb water as a result of this. Your WPC fence won’t absorb the rainwater if it rains.

Exactly why a WPC fence won’t warp

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Be aware that as materials absorb water and expand, they might distort. The substance will shrink once it has dried. The surface of structural materials will be distorted by their expansion and contraction. Being twisted or bent out of form is referred to as warping. This suggests that the body will deform when a wood fence warps. When you look at the surface of a wood fence that has been in place for a while, you may see warping. A WPC fence won’t expand and shrink since it doesn’t absorb water as wood does. It won’t warp if it doesn’t grow and compress.

When the temperature changes, warping might also happen. Expanding and contracting due to changes in temperature will cause fence materials to distort. When exposed to nature’s elements, wood fences will bend or crack since they are not resistant to them. Rapid temperature changes are one factor that WPC fences are resistant to. Cutting WPC planks which are not in use is a good idea. This suggests that the WPC fence will somewhat expand. It doesn’t expand and break as wood does. By providing adequate space between the boards to account for growth and contraction, this little expansion may be handled.

What happens, though, if a homeowner installs a WPC fence incorrectly? WPC fences can become damaged or bent if they are installed incorrectly by a homeowner. Please take note that this ailment is distinct from those we have just discussed. Experts must install all structural elements and WPC dielen schneiden, and best practices must be followed. WPC materials can get distorted on the surface if not given adequate room to breathe. And, WPC fence is advantageous for numerous reasons.

WPC Fencing Won’t Expand

WPC fences won’t swell since they don’t absorb water as wood fences do. Fences and other structural materials shouldn’t swell since it causes the material to decay more quickly. The WPC fence’s plastic covering stops moisture from penetrating the wall.

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Plastic Wood Fencing Needs Little Maintenance

Fencing made of WPC planks white requires less maintenance. This suggests that it is different from wood fences, which need to be sanded, stained, sealed, and oiled to make them endure longer. If you see filth, such as mud, on it, all you need to do is give WPC dielen weiß a thorough cleaning. To complete the operation, you can use a power washer, but be careful not to get it too close to the fence’s surface.

Durable WPC Fence

Fences made of plastic wood are robust, so they endure a long time. The WPC fence’s strength is a result of the materials used in its construction. Your WPC fence might last up to 15 years, depending on the grade that you choose.

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Beautiful Plastic Wood Fence

A plastic wood fence’s aesthetic appeal is another benefit. It’s because WPC fence manufacturers provide it several color finishes. There is the WPC fence in gray, anthracite grey, brown, oak, and dark-oak. These hues will wonderfully complement any outdoor objects.


When exposed to natural elements, WPC fencing won’t warp as a wood fence would. To make your fence survive longer, you must appropriately install it and adhere to recommended practices.

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