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Why You Should Buy Artificial Grass Online From Wholesalers

While you can buy pieces of artificial turf from several online retailers, large rolls of artificial grass are available only from a select group of wholesalers. While individual consumers can often get great rates from online wholesalers, it is not always possible to find true producers to buy artificial grass online. The first step in selecting an online retailer is to do your research. Identify the brands you prefer. Listed below are some popular options: Natural Fusion 80, SunVilla, Petgrow Deluxe, and AllGreen Pawlow Pet.

Natural Fusion 80

The Purchase Green Natural Fusion 80 Artificial Lawn Grass is a great choice for any lawn, if you want the best synthetic grass for your lawn. Made from premium grade fibers and yarn extrusion technology, this synthetic grass is extremely durable and looks freshly mowed. Buy Natural Fusion 80 artificial grass online to enjoy the advantages of this product. Moreover, it can be delivered for free when you buy it online, and you can also save up to 10% off the retail price.

Buy Artificial Grass Online

This synthetic turf comes in a variety of designs. You can choose from the Penny round pattern, hexagon mosaic design, metallics, or a chevron pattern. You can even buy natural-looking turf with low maintenance, and you can customize it with different designs. Alternatively, you can also buy landscape-fusion artificial grass. Buying it online will give you many benefits, including low maintenance. You can even buy this synthetic grass online and have it installed at your place at an affordable price.


If you are in the market for a high-quality artificial grass, look no further than SunVilla Grass. Based in Southern California, the company has a diverse line of products that cater to a variety of applications, including landscape, door mat, rooftop, putting green, and sporting fields. Customers can purchase a variety of colors and sizes, depending on their needs. SunVilla Artificial Grass specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of various types and sizes of artificial grass for every application.

Buy Artificial Grass Online

The company is committed to producing green products that will help protect the environment, while also offering high-quality materials that will last for years. Its artificial grasses are made from non-toxic materials, making them safe for children and pets alike. Moreover, the company backs the products with a comprehensive warranty, giving the buyers peace of mind for years to come. PetGrow’s Artificial Grass Turf is made of durable materials that are resistant to fading and high temperatures. Therefore, it is a great choice for active pets.

Petgrow Deluxe

If you love the look of natural grass but don’t want to spend the money, consider installing a Petgrow Deluxe artificial grass. The grass is pet friendly and even comes with drain holes. It can also be used for pee training your pet. Your kids can play on it as well! Here are some pros and cons of Petgrow Deluxe artificial grass. Weigh your options carefully and make the best decision for your home.

The artificial grass is durable, but it can be heavy and may need help to lay. Unlike real grass, it may lose its density over time. It comes in four tones: sand, gray, green and blue. You can piece them together to create a large area for your pet. The grass can also be used for arts and crafts projects! Regardless of where you plan to use it, you’ll love the look of your new lawn.

AllGreen Pawlow Pet

The AllGreen Pawlow Pet Rug is a perfect choice for homes with pets of all kinds. This rug features realistic thatching and natural colors, making it ideal for use with all types of pets, especially puppies and kittens. It is incredibly durable, light weight, and soft, making it ideal for potty training your new puppy or kitten. It is also pesticide and fertilizer-free, making it a safe choice for pets and their homes.

Buy Artificial Grass Online

The AllGreen Pawlow Pet is made for both cats and dogs and features realistic thatching and natural colors for the most authentic appearance. It’s lightweight and highly durable and is perfect for potty training, too. And because it’s made of natural materials, it’s free of pesticides and fertilizers. Even better, it’s odor-free, making it ideal for homes with children. Even your dog can walk on it and play.

Fourwalls on Pepperfry

If you have a green thumb but don’t have an actual lawn, you can try artificial grass at Fourwalls on Pepperfry. Its realistic-looking fibers and UV-resistant technology will keep it from losing its color or getting too hot when exposed to sunlight. Pepperfry also offers faux gardens, eucalyptus bunches, and carpeting. All of these options can make your lawn look like a real grassy field any time of the year.

The 48cm plant is 19 inches tall and apt for a desk or dining table. Its consistency and detailing is remarkable, and it is easy to clean. You can use a damp cloth to wipe away any dust. The company offers many other options to complete your home decor, and Pepperfry is one of the best places to buy them. With a product sold every 30 seconds, Pepperfry is a one-stop shop for home decor.

Zeo sand

Choosing the right Zeo sand for your artificial grass is essential for its durability and health benefits. Most companies use silica sand or crumb rubber, both of which have many potential health issues. Zeo sand is much safer than these alternatives, as it looks and feels just like natural soil. It also neutralizes ammonia to prevent odours. If you have pets, you will also want to use ZeoFill instead of the traditional silica sand.

Buy Artificial Grass Online

PureZEO Pro is 100% pure Zeolite minerals, which have a honeycomb-like structure and naturally absorb moisture. This makes them the perfect choice for pet applications, as they are completely odor-free. PureZEO Pro also kills ammonia in urine, so your grass won’t smell if your pet pees on it. And, with its easy-to-rinse ability, you won’t have to worry about any urine odors, either.

Silica sand

If you are considering installing artificial grass, you should buy Silica sand infill. This product is mostly used in lawn installations, and is 50% cooler than traditional infills. Silica sand is also partially colored, which makes it ideal for golf green installations. The silica sand used for infill is typically quite affordable. You can purchase it online or from a local turf dealer.

Silica sand is the most affordable type of turf infill. It is available in two different sizes, 16 and 30, and is designed for different types of grass applications. The smaller size of the 30 sand is more suitable for putting greens, while the finer grain of the 16 is a standard choice for landscaping applications. If you are looking for the most economical type of infill, you can choose the 16 silica sand.


If you’re thinking of installing a new lawn, you should look for quality and durable options such as granite. Although granite is relatively expensive, it’s easy to care for, aesthetically appealing, and low-maintenance. However, you should keep in mind that it will wear down over time and may be susceptible to weather conditions. This material is also abrasive and can stick to the bottoms of shoes, so proper preparation is key to its long-lasting beauty.

Buy Artificial Grass Online

Crushed granite is easier to maintain than type 1. This type of material is not porous, so it won’t absorb water, and it will not sink. Type 1 also is harder and will help raise levels. It is best to follow the instructions on the package to ensure proper installation. Granite artificial grass online is a great way to buy a new lawn without the high-price tag. Just make sure to do it right. To avoid problems, read reviews and FAQs carefully before purchasing a new lawn.

Limestone chippings

If you’re planning to lay an artificial grass in your garden, it’s important to choose the right sub-base. Without the right foundation, your fake turf will rot and fall apart. There are two types of sub-base that you can use – MOT Type 1 and granite/limestone chippings. Let’s explore the benefits of each and decide which one suits your needs best.

A sub-base of 3/4-inch crushed rock will provide adequate drainage for an artificial grass installation. Granite and decomposed granite are the most popular gravel materials. Crushed granite and limestone chippings will provide a relatively flat base and work well with base constructions. They also tend to be non-porous, so they’re not suitable for pet owners or people with drainage problems. Regardless of the type of sub-base you decide to buy good quality artificial grass , the best base for your artificial grass is limestone chippings.

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