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Why You Need to Give a Greeting Card for a Special Surprise

The use of greeting cards in general and thank you cards has indeed been abandoned a few years ago. However, in this pandemic era, suddenly greeting cards can become something more meaningful. Why? When was the last time you used a greeting card to say something to a colleague or friend? 1 year ago, 5 years ago, or even 10 years ago? It feels like it’s been a long time since we have used greeting cards since living in the digital age. Conveniences such as chat, SMS, telephone, and even video calls have left greeting cards far behind(Greeting Card for a Special Surprise).

However, in this era of pandemic, when we rarely see other people, greeting cards may be able to find their place again. Greeting cards, such as greeting cards or thank you cards, can be used again to present something special between us and relatives. Plus, nowadays greeting card designs are increasingly diverse so that they can be adapted to the theme we want. Like by automatically send birthday cards. So, why are greeting cards important in this era? Read the answer.

Give a Greeting Card

Stay in Touch

The call to “stay at home” to prevent the spread of the virus certainly makes us rarely meet other people. Gangs of high school, college, and even junior high school friends who regularly schedule meetings on special days sucHappy Birthdayh as Eid, Christmas, or New Year’s, you may no longer see. Just chatting or calling may not have time because everyone is busy with WFH.

To reconnect with them, take the time to choose a greeting card design that represents your relationship. Once you’re satisfied with your selection, order and send it to your friend’s house. Guaranteed deh they will feel cared for by you.

Showing that You Care and Miss Them

For those of you who live far away from your parents, this pandemic is definitely tougher. The ban on traveling outside the city has prevented many people from going home and meeting extended family. To replace a delayed meeting, you can send a thank you card to parents far away. Say thank you that they have taken good care of you during this time. Don’t forget to tell them that you miss them too. Little things like this can reduce their loneliness in old age.

Becoming a Small Collectible

Unlike chat or telephone, greeting cards are something that can be collected because they are real, visible, and funny. By sending a greeting card to a friend, you can give something that can be a collection material for them. Especially, if it turns out they sent a greeting card reply to you. Wow, so you can collect greeting cards too!

Reminder of Joy

Trust me. This pandemic is prone to make people lonely and difficult to be happy. Sending a thank you card for being a good friend, for example, would be very meaningful. The greeting card will remind the person you are sending it to the best times you have had. A touch like this can make people at least a little happy in this difficult time.

Make Birthdays More Special

If a friend is having a birthday, don’t hesitate to send a greeting card. One greeting card can be more meaningful than a series of messages on the WhatsApp page! Because, opening the card and seeing the writing on it will be much more satisfying. Come on, make your friend’s birthday special with a greeting card!

After knowing the importance of greeting cards during a pandemic like this, have you been moved to send cards to your closest friends(Greeting Card for a Special Surprise)?

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