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Why Use Google Maps For Google Maps Lead Generation?

Google Maps Lead Generation

Scraping the entire internet for b2b data is going to churn up generic information, even with the help of web scraping tools. For B2B businesses, scraping Google Maps for b2b leads will yield much better results. This platform is full of high-level business executives, business owners, local shops, restaurants, and hotels that make up targeted audiences in almost every B2B market.

With almost 12 million companies, it’s a gold mine of information to help you grow your b2b business faster. Scraping data from Google Maps for b2b leads gives you the opportunity to leverage all this data to create a tailored list of potential b2b leads with all the information you need to create effective outreach b2b marketing campaigns.

Google Maps scraping would be the best option for finding and generating b2b leads from Google Maps, because everyone wants targeted data from Google Maps based on something very industry-specific, such as specific review scores relevant to your niche.

What Is Google Scraping?

Google Maps data scraping will literally scrape the Google Maps for you for a targeted location and keyword, collect the data you’re looking for, and then structure that data into an easy-to-understand format.  Google Maps scraping is done with the help of Google Map Extractor software. A Google Maps data extractor is a tool used to extract data from Google Maps business listings and search results.

Google Map Extractor can have many forms:

It can be an extension.

It can be a desktop application like Google Map Extractor

Let’s say you want data from Google Maps’ top 100 companies, you can get it by hand in the Startup:

But there are a few problems:

It’s long: You have to click on each Google Maps business profile to get your data.

It’s incomplete: When you are collecting data manually from Google Maps, there are many chances of error. It may happen, that you missed some important data to copy. If some of the data is not available on the business listing, you have to visit the website of the business owners for that data, which can make the process even longer.

It’s manual work not automated: One day you will be tired because this is a completely manual and lengthy process. It’s not scalable: The more data you need from Google Maps, the more time you have to spend. By using a Google Maps Lead Generation Tool, you can get this data fast 100 times faster than human beings and automatically from Google Maps for any company! A simple Google Map Extractor will do the following steps: Going on the Google Maps business listing.

Getting business data from Google Maps (Company name, address, description, email address, phone number, social media links, ratings, reviews, latitude, longitude …) in seconds.

Wrap Up

Google Map Extractor is a powerful and cheap way to get a massive amount of data from Google Maps, legally. You don’t even need to have IT skills to use this Google Maps Crawler. It allows you to extract data from Google Maps automatically.

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