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Why Synthetic Resin Wicker is better than Rattan?

When it comes to low-budget furniture or outdoor furniture, wicker furniture is the best option. It has many advantages over other materials. It is weather-resistant, budget-friendly, environment-friendly, lightweight, and low-maintenance material. Even within wicker furniture, there is an option of going for natural or synthetic wicker.

Now, you must be thinking what is the difference, or why do we need this option? In this blog, we have compared natural wicker with synthetic resin wicker so that you can make an informed decision about your purchase choice.

What is synthetic resin wicker?

The word wicker loosely means ‘to bend. It is a material used in furniture knitting. Wicker is normally acquired from trees; however, it can also be produced synthetically. Mostly, the outdoor wicker furniture is made of synthetic wicker. It has the same appearance as natural wicker but has a different appearance when it ages.

The difference between Rattan and Wicker

While both materials are used in furniture, there is a difference between wicker and rattan. Yes, both can be used interchangeably but both have their specific uses. Wicker is a synthetic string for weaving, whereas rattan is obtained from plants. Quite often wicker sets are made of rattan or rattan plant extracts. But rattan is a natural material whereas wicker is not.

Rattan furniture is perfect for indoor use but it’s not suitable for the outdoors. The outdoor environment can lead to the formation of fungus and mold which can affect the strength of weaving material. However, wicker is a synthetic material that does not get affected by the outdoor environment as much. As it looks like natural rattan, it is often used instead of rattan if people wish to use it as patio furniture.

Resin Wicker

Resin wicker is made on aluminum frames through a polymerization process. Although wicker is a synthetic material its base is plant extracts. The resin extract of plants is liquid, which can solidify and harden permanently. Upon hardening, it is plastic in form of strands. There are many categories of wicker. People prefer using wicker furniture over rattan furniture when they know a piece of furniture would require cleaning. For example, there is a chance of spillages when you talk about dining tables or outdoor furniture. Rattan cannot be cleaned thoroughly and properly. Whereas wiping a wicker surface with soap water will give you a clean surface.

Synthetic resin wicker is very lightweight, and you would need to protect it or keep it in its place if the weather is even a bit turbulent or it might blow away.

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Comparison of Organic Rattan and Synthetic wicker

Natural rattan is not a durable material. It develops cracks over some time and after using it for some time rattan becomes dry and starts wearing off. Prolonged use of worn-out rattan is a safety hazard as it will break at some point. Bio life such as insects and pests can also affect rattan. Termites can damage rattan to an extent that they can break. Another factor in damaging rattan is moisture. Outdoor use or any contact of rattan with moisture can develop mold and fungus making it aesthetically unappealing.

Compared to rattan, synthetic wicker is much more durable. It is a plastic that does not deteriorate in outdoors. Unlike rattan, wicker resists mold and fungus if it is kept outdoors. Furthermore, it is easier to clean because it does not absorb any spillage. A wet cloth is sufficient to make it clean like a new one. When seen based on budget, wicker costs much less than natural rattan. Also, rattan is found in only one form whereas there are many types of wicker. Other than nylon, other types of wicker are polyethylene, and HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene).

Which is the best Wicker type?

If you wish to have lightweight and budget-friendly furniture, HDPE wicker is the best choice. Not only is wicker more durable than rattan but it also withstands all kinds of weather more elegantly. The wicker resins are dense which makes them more durable than natural rattan. You need to be cautious while choosing wicker because there are many types of wicker and not all of them are durable. For example, ordinary PE looks like a durable material but if your scratch it with a nail, the coating can come off. HPDE wicker is consistent inside out. There is no coating or layer than can be peeled off. You can take care of challenges that are part and parcel of wicker with small measures. For example, prolonged exposure to the sun can de-color wicker. You can avoid de-coloring by infusing UV Inhibitors. Also, being dense in its substance, HPDE wicker does not chip or break or chip easily. We have already discussed the ability of wicker to resist stains. It is low-maintenance than organic rattan.

Compared to other types of wicker, HPDE wicker has a matte appearance. It looks more elegant and posh than other types of wicker. If you are an environment-friendly person, HPDE wicker is a perfect choice for you because it can be recycled completely.

Final word

Antique wicker furniture has many advantages. It is environment-friendly, low-cost, low-maintenance, and lightweight furniture. Even the downsides of wicker furniture can be taken care of easily. Despite all its advantages, wicker weaving seems to be a lost art. While many people demand cane and wicker furniture, there are not enough artisans who know the craft.

At Jardin wicker, our expert team of artisans can perform wicker repairs or chair cane repairs just like they used to be in the old times. The antique wicker furniture that you got from your grandmother or that has been in the family for years should not be put in the store just because some of the strands came off. Bring it to Jardin wicker and we will make sure to restore it to its new state.

To know more about our services or to get a quote, talk to our team or visit our website.

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