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Why physical fitness is important in life

It says that health is wealth. This line may be very short but it is one of the most important statement to understand. If you are reading this article it means that you really want a healthy life. This article will clear each and every thing about physical fitness and you will understand that why physical fitness is important in life.

Physical fitness and mental health both are two sides of same coin. If you are not active or unhealthy physically, your mental health will also be poor all the time. There are “n” numbers of reasons which effect our physical fitness. Human body is made for physical activity, the more you stay lazy, the more unhealthy you will feel internally. Many studies show that if a person is weak physically then he or she will be less energetic and they are not passionate about any goal in life. Because to achieve anything in life it requires the great amount of energy. A research shows that every 2 out of 10 people are physically fit in life.

5 importance of physical fitness you should know

1) Energy level boost- If you ever have been into fitness mode then you must have realized that there is a high level of energy in your body. High energy leads to achieve the biggest goal in life as well. Physical activity makes your body muscles strong and enhance your over all body look.

A well structed body attracts to the other people as well. People want to connect your because other people can feel your energy level. Every and each person wants to be connected to those who are energetic and filled with full of power.

2) Decease free life- A research says that more than 90% athletes live a healthy life without any decease in body. It happens because physical workout reduces all kind of waste from your body. The more workout you do the more healthy you become. In this era where every is so polluted from food to air, it is a need to be physically fitness to stay away from deceases.

3) Help you to quit smoking and alcohol habit- In 2015 a study conducted by a group of 5 doctors on physical fitness. One of the result of this study was that continue physical workout reduce the habits of smoking or alcohol. Automatically the bad habits urges disappear. Going to gym or start doing yoga makes your body to realize that what is good for it and what is bad for it.

It’s a naturally process. Once your body is habitual to something it will destroy the basic essence of survival.

4) Good mood- Hitting gym or doing any types of physical activity improves your mood. You feel good and the level of anxiety also gets reduced. Majority of people who have anxiety problem are not aware about this fact that physical fitness is a need in life.

How can you be in good mood when physically you are not healthy. Anxiety, depression, sleepless night all these things are the signs of unhealthy life.

5) Control over weight- Overweight is a open door of many health issues. Physical activities helps you to keep your body weight in balance. Many people suffer from the problem of overweight and they never try to fix this problem. It is very easy to go to doctor and depend on the prescribed pills to reduces the problem for short period of time, because every medication has its own side effects.

Waking up early and doing physical workout reduces your weight and makes you strong from within.

3 effective benefits of physical fitness

1) Improves mental health- It is scientifically proven that a person who is into physical fitness is has mental strong than a person who is not in physical fitness routine. Intense workout brings all the toxic energy out of your body and fills you with a high level of energy.

Even doctors also suggest that we should focus on our physical health. A strong mind-set is the strongest powerful tool in this world.

2) Reduces depression- People who have been in depression once in their life have experienced this fact that physical fitness is the biggest medicine to reduce the level of depression and anxiety. Human body is very complicated to understand. It requires a lot amount of patience to see what is the need of this body and then act.

Mental health is directly connect with physical health. So, working on your physical fitness will help you to improve your mental health as well.

3) Reduces Risk Of Cancer- Cancer is the most dangerous deceases many people are suffering from. Going through many chemotherapies make a person weak from deep within. Some people lose the hope to survive. But, during the treatment if a person is physically active even at a very slow pace, still he or she will feel strong physically.

Exercise is one of biggest factors which lowers the risk of developing cancer, as well as enhanced outcomes in patients already diagnosed. People who exercise after treatment of cancer have lower rates of cancer complications, treatment toxicities and improved survival.

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