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Why is your hair so dry?

For centuries hair has been considered to be attractive. That’s why many nations preferred to cover it so only a husband could see the real beauty of a wife. Hair is the first noticeable thing in person, when you describe somebody first you say the color of her or his hair. Hair is near the face and it can give the face a unique impression. A lot of people pay tons of money just in order to have beautiful and healthy hair. Women especially use plenty of hair care products in order to have shiny and beautiful hair, but sometimes they are powerless as their hair becomes dry and they can’t do anything about it. You may ask why hair gets so dry. It is mostly because they don’t get enough moisture.

Dry hair is often met at older ages but if you are young that doesn’t mean you can’t get dry hair. If you want to understand why you have dry hair, first of all, you should understand the structure of your hair. Your hair has three layers. There are natural oils in the outer layer that protect the inner layers. They are the cause of shiny hair as well. If there isn’t enough oil that can be the cause of your dry hair.

If you see that you have dry hair, take a hair service and they will offer some treatments. The ladies beauty salon has really good professionals who can help you with the treatment.
Let’s just see some causes of dry hair.


If you live in a sunny country, with a dry and hot climate it can affect your hair quality. In this case, you just don’t have to spend a lot of time outside in the sun.
Also, I can assume that if you live in a sunny, hot country you go to pools quite often as well as to the sea. Try to avoid swimming in chlorinated pools often, and also in salty water.

Hair care products

Some people don’t even understand that taking care of their hair too much can cause danger and make their hair get dry.
You shouldn’t wash your hair every day. It is the worst thing you can do. Also, don’t use harsh products, like shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, etc.
Chemically treating your hair is another bad thing you can do about your hair.
I know you want your hair to be beautiful all day long, but it is not a good thing to blow dry them every time.

Health problems

Sometimes you can do everything right but still, have bad hair. The cause of this situation can be a health problem. An eating disorder is a really big problem for health as well as for hair.
Menkes syndrome, hypothyroidism, etc.
If you have dry hair you can go to doctors as well, not only Hair Styling Salon in Dubai to get hair services.

Take care of your hair always. If you can’t do it as good as you think, find the best beauty salon and they will take care of your hair perfectly. You can google to find your perfect salon near you (e.g. “haircut dubai”, “beauty salon JVC”).

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