Why is Microsoft SCCM Gaining Popularity?

Microsoft SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) is commonly known as the configuration manager. It is basically the existing branch of Microsoft Endpoint Manager led to paid lifecycle management. Moreover, it helps out in the application installation, deploying updates as well as security patches. Resultantly, the demand for Microsoft SCCM Online Training getting out the increased demand

Let us see the advantages of Microsoft SCCM;

While SCCM uses Microsoft’s patching system for checking & installing the updates. It offers the users additional patch management control for introducing the new features.

  • Microsoft SCCM offers some challenges for the organizations which are looking for proving one solution for all devices across the management proceedings. It also enables our third-party applications to work more effectively.
  • It offers a wide range of functions & flexibility at which the patches get applied to the procedure. Moreover, get generate system-wide reports and allows the control of the window machine.
  • SCCM offers endpoint protection tools that lead to the correct configuration which can be a full lifecycle of IT(Information Technology) management. with a high percentage of efficiency.
  • As is a popular Microsoft product, the integration of SCCM with Windows can perform effectively. Moreover, with the help of Microsoft SCCM the trend of employer-provided devices connecting out to the organizational network.
  • Microsoft SCCM gets control out with a relatively GUI, which means easier implementation. Since it gets the support of Microsoft thus gets out the community support.
  • The benefits of using the Microsoft SCCM are numerous. Moreover, it also facilitates accessing our company applications from anywhere on multiple devices. It also ensures the protection of data.
  • Microsoft SCCM also facilitates the client system administration which offers enhanced visibility. In this scenario, there is also an option of system compliance, a unified IT management infrastructure. Moreover, it consists of the protection of various devices in virtual & physical management.
  • It also helps in managing the changes in IT(Information Technology) configurations. Moreover, gets control out by the precise things of IT control.

Features of Microsoft SCCM:

It is important to learn the features of Microsoft SCCM for performing the deployment proceedings. Moreover, there are different features of Microsoft SCCM which we look out for in the below-mentioned details:

  • Co-management is basically one of the primary ways for attaching the existing configuration deployment manager. It helps out the users in concurrently managing out-the-window devices.
  • Microsoft SCCM helps out with Desktop Analytics which is basically a cloud-based service integrated with a configuration manager. The service offers intelligence & insights for making out informed decisions and updating out-the-window clients. Moreover, it also combines the data from a particular organization with millions of devices.
  • It has the features like a cloud management gateway as well as the Azure Active Directory for managing multicultural internet-based clients.
  • If we talk in regard to CMPivot then it helps in immediately querying out online devices and handling the data into deeper insights. Moreover, the configuration manager uses our console to manage & deploying devices.
  • Microsoft SCCM helps out in creating, managing, deploying as well as monitoring the range of applications. Moreover, deploying, updating, and managing the Microsoft 365 Apps from the configuration manager console.
  • Despite increasing the IT infrastructure organizations get out the access to complete as well as relevant information about the infrastructure.


Microsoft SCCM is basically a valuable IT(Information Technology) solution for enterprises that can afford windows-only infrastructure. It is less valuable in terms of patching, capabilities as well as efficiency. While the risks on the SCCM are too high but the automation procedure helps out in relieving the new threats.

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