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Why is it important to follow the basic principles of usability?

Compliance with the basic principles of website usability with high quality shared web hosting has a positive effect on two main factors: attendance and conversion. It is important to understand that users will return to a web resource only if they like being on it.

Therefore, the site should be not only convenient, but also as clear as possible: content, navigation, sequence of actions. Due to the large number of competitors in almost every resource, its visitors will not want to deal with the intricacies and nuances of work for a long time – it is easier to switch to another more thoughtful resource.

In our material, we will tell you what website usability is, why it is so important to analyze it on a regular basis, and how it affects conversion and increase profits.

The benefits that appear after a detailed audit.

To better understand why it is so important to conduct a usability analysis, we note the benefits that appear after a detailed audit.

  1. Competitive advantage. People appreciate those companies that monitor their web resource, fix all bugs, listening to the opinions of users. If you work on the bugs, your customers will not go to competitors.
  2. Search promotion and targeted traffic. Competent usability analysis is one of the tools that will help promote your site to higher positions in search results. The more convenient and simpler the resource, the better the behavioral factors, the bounce rate decreases, and the time spent browsing the site increases. And if a web resource improves these indicators, search engines will quickly promote it to the TOP. High-quality optimization is what increases incoming targeted traffic. Web resources that were created in compliance with the principles of usability, filled with high-quality content, do not require huge budgets for promotion.
  3. Loyalty and repeat sales. A client who, after visiting the site, was satisfied with its convenience, could easily find the necessary information, buy a product or order a service, will return again. And he will recommend this resource to his friends. Thus, by conducting usability analysis and correcting all errors, you increase loyalty and attract new customers(website).

Test focus group sites using specialized audit tools

  • People who are part of the focus group for testing are hired according to certain criteria (special companies do this).
  • They are given tasks to perform certain actions on the site.
  • The results are analyzed by the testing specialist.

Plus – this method allows you to find solutions based on accurate statistical data. The disadvantage is that such studies are quite difficult to implement.

Usability checklist: what to check? Usability audit will help to test a web resource and find the moments that interfere with the comfortable interaction between the user and the site. By analyzing them, you can make it more comfortable.

It should be simple – this is the main rule

When a user enters the site, he must immediately understand which page he is on, where to click to perform the target action. If the structure is well designed, visitors won’t have to “travel” through pages to take action.

Sites with a complex structure cannot do without breadcrumbs. They show the relationship between pages, help a person understand where he is and quickly move to another section.

A Baymard Institute study showed that more than 25% of users abandon a purchase due to a complex checkout process. That is why it is so important that the path to placing an order is simple and clear: there is no compulsion to register on the site, confirmation via mail and SMS, etc.

The path from checkout to purchase

Another study, this time from the Web site design survey, showed that more than 80% of users will leave if they spend too much time searching for a product on the site. Therefore, the path from checkout to purchase should be as simple as possible(website).

By improving and simplifying the search, you improve the conversion, because in this way you will help the customers of your resource find and place an order faster. The following tips will definitely help you:

  1. it is best to place it in the upper right corner;
  2. request length – about 30 characters;
  3. adaptive search (if there is no exact match, the search should offer alternatives).

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