Why is Custom Lipstick Packaging Important?

How Many Times have you Asked Your Husband to Bring the Specific Shade of Lipstick and He Bought the Right One??

Once?? No, No twice maybe. . Actually never they all had to be exchanged because the colour was different. We completely understand how it feels and we really do not blame the man in your life for this. Naturally, men are quite unable to differentiate the different shades of the same colour. For men, pink is only pink, however for women, pink is shocking pink, fuchsia pink, orange-pink, tea pink, baby pink, rose pink and many more. The same is the case with other colours. Electric Blue, bottle green, lilac, lavender, peachy pink, hot red, metallic grey all these colours seem to be an alien language to most men. Yes, we are acknowledging some men do have high intelligence and intellectual level and can differentiate these colours but most of the men cant. This is where custom lip sticking packaging steps in.

Different styles, Different Lipstick

Custom Lipstick Packaging is the light in the darkness for all husbands. Most of the cosmetic brands that offer custom lipstick packaging have the shade name and number printed on the lipstick wholesale packaging as well as a single lipstick box. These printed shades and numbers do not put men in the hassle of differentiating colours rather just look at the number and shade name and pick your desired shade.

Also, if you are thinking of giving lipstick to the lady of your life, custom lipstick packaging helps you in choosing the shade. As we all know lipsticks are used with different techniques. Some women wear them complimenting their dress shade while some women prefer contrast lipstick. However, it makes them look appealing in both ways but leaves a man in chaos about which shade they shall choose. That’s where the lipstick type helps whether your woman likes matt lipstick, creamy lipstick, glossy lipstick or even shimmery lipstick.

Custom Lipstick Box Wholesale

Get the Royal Lipstick and Feel Royalness

To make your lipstick long-lasting and fresh, an important factor that needs consideration is its packaging and environment. An ideal custom lipstick packaging for the lipstick should:

  • Preserve its ingredients and properties. It should help in maintaining the creamy or matt texture of the lipstick and increase its shelf life as well as usage time.
  • Be environmentally friendly and recyclable. Almost every woman uses lipstick and when we consider lipstick packaging wholesale, it’s a big number. It can damage the environment badly if the material used in custom lipstick packaging is not recyclable and eco-friendly.
  • Be appealing. The packaging of custom lipstick packaging should be attractive and appealing enough to attract more customers. The tagline, the printing colours, the shape, the logo placement, everything matters when we talk about custom lipstick packaging.
  • Be compatible and rigid. Lipsticks are mostly carried around by women in their handbags. It is important that the custom lipstick packaging is rigid enough to withstand the pressure of other items in the bag and compatible enough to be placed in any small zip.

Since lipsticks are designed for females, we need to make a design that will appeal to them. Women are always happy when they get more in the price of one. So we can design Lipstick packaging wholesale that can accommodate different shades of lipstick in a single packing. It wouldn’t only be an ideal gift for the lady in your life but she will also love to carry all shades around easily in the most compatible packaging!!

What’s Next??

Customised packaging always boosts up your sale so once you have made up your mind and want to order custom lipstick packaging for your brand, contact us. Not only do we provide high-quality printing and packaging material but we also offer free-of-cost designing. So what are you waiting for?? Contact us now!!

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