Why .COM Domain Names Are the Best for Your Business?

.Com domain name

With ICANN’s recent expansion of (generic top-level domains), .com domain name options were never more widespread. Opening a spa? Your can register spa. Do you want something which happened in Vegas to go viral on the Internet? can share your story.

But, with all the hype around these new domain extensions. Is it ever worth the bother of not holding the.COM as well (at the very least as a redirect)? Going with a non.COM domain may save you money this way. There are many reasons why you can aim to secure the.COM for your brand. Although if you intend to promote under a different website extension.

What are .COM Domain Name & Why it is the best?

When picking a domain name on the Internet, one of the top-level domains is “com.” It refers to the entity that owns the cheap .com domain name as a commercial enterprise. Besides the 2nd level domain name, the top-level domain name is necessary for Internet and e-mail addresses.

The ICANN is in charge of domain names in general (and for Internet Protocol addresses and other Internet parameters). For the top-level domains .com, .org, .net, and .edu. Daily duty assigns to individual registrars.

Reasons why .COM is the best over other domains. 

46% of websites use .COM Domain Name 

Let’s be clear about it: the majority of web use .COM as their Internet address. The extension introduces in 1985 as the domain extension of choice for brick-and-mortar businesses seeking a website. With the commencement of the cheap .com domain registration, the.COM extension surpassed all other possibilities.

People believe your website finishes with .COM

Because of the popularity of .COM, particularly among large organizations, .com domain is preferred. The majority of the Web public (including your targeted buyers) has come to refer to presuming a website is its brand name followed by .COM. A few examples are Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and eBay.

In fact, as per this 2016 list of Top 500 businesses, 495 of these use a .COM domain name. Only 4 used a .net, and one used a .org.

A .COM Domain adds credibility to your brand

Although the Internet has recently accepted over 1,000 different domain extensions, many are still unaware of the new ones. Of course, this is partly due to a vast proportion of major trade being done online via a few domain names like Dotcom.

Whenever you see .COM next to someone’s brand conveys credibility. However, this claimed credibility is incorrect and superficial. There are many .COM sites are used for less than genuine purposes. This stereotype endures: “Dotcom is more legitimate, while others are cheaper knockoffs.”

 .COM Domain signifies Highly Established Company

Following on from the credibility argument, it’s no surprise that .COMs could be valuable. If a corporation is ready to pay the funds necessary to buy a.COM, it can presume they have achieved some financial success. Suppose a firm was registered there .COM back when they were tougher to come by. It is also significant.

Search engines may favor .COM domains above others at times

Although this myth is not valid in every case, Browser such as Google is known to rank non-country-specific domains higher in universal search results. It’s because rather than specific nation code domains, they are more specific to particular world regions.

A notable exception is the domain extension .io. It’s gaining popularity in the app and software sector because of its input/output shorthand. Hence, it’s the British Indian Ocean Territory’s country code domain.

There are no TLD-specific restrictions associated with .COM

While this is true for many TLDs, including gTLDs and ccTLDs, some TLDs have strings attached. For instance, if you tried registering a .us domain, you’d have to live in the USA or Canada. If you decided to register a .nyc domain, you’d have to show your New York City domicile. Other domain extensions need you to follow Acceptable Use Policy agreements. These can include restrictions or limitations on the material. Before making a key brand decision based on your chosen TLD rules (if any), always do your homework.

The fact that you’re reading this article shows .COM as a giant

It’s because the .COM domain you want is unavailable, but would you like to register it as a .BIZ? No. You’re reading this because you tried searching for your brand as a .COM and found nothing. So, you’re now convincing yourself to buy non-dotcom domains and looking for a reason.


Some get that cheap .com domain name is out of date. Besides, they say that the new TLDs are now more fashionable. But, of course, this is a matter of personal preference. If a firm decides to run their site by a non-dotcom domain extension, why don’t you get the .COM and redirect it? Navicosoft assists clients to be successful long-term in today’s ever-changing digital economy. Hire our experts to explore how we can help your brand cut through the noise. Contact us now.

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