Why a Water Storage Bladder Is Useful During Hurricane Season

In the aftermath of a hurricane, do you know exactly how your response team can aid your local community? It might seem like there’s too much to do and not enough organized opportunities to help in the wake of such a big event. However, adding a water storage bladder to your emergency response team’s arsenal can help you quickly and efficiently provide aid where needed. Potable water is in high demand during nearly any emergency, and here is how a water bladder can help you supply water when your community needs it most.

Portable Water Storage Bladders Can Go Where They Are Needed

When supplying clean water to communities affected by a natural disaster like a hurricane, you never know where you’ll go. It is hard to predict what areas will be affected beforehand. That’s why a portable water storage bladder is extremely useful. Look for a company that offers bladders in a variety of standard sizes. Then, you can get some options that hold a couple hundred gallons. These are easy to move in the back of a truck or even in a van. That way, you can get water where it’s needed most, when it’s needed most—especially in an unpredictable situation like this.

Clean Drinking Water Is Necessary After a Hurricane

Water might not immediately come to mind as a necessity during hurricanes because they bring so much water with them. The fact is, that water isn’t drinkable, and the storm might have damaged many pipes or larger utility systems. Essentially, the community you serve might lose access to clean water. Now, it is up to your response team to provide a solution. Portable water bladders made from NSF 61 certified fabric can help keep your water supply free of contaminants. That way, you can dispense it to those who no longer have access to clean water.

A Large Water Storage Bladder Can Bring a Community Together

Almost as important as water during a natural disaster is a sense of a unified community. Thankfully, with a water storage bladder, you can help provide both. If you have a large bladder—you can find ones up to 30,000 gallons—your efforts become even more dynamic. You can clear a space of debris and set it up in a central location. Add some seating, tables, and a few large tents, and you have a gathering place. Now, members of your community can not only gather together to get access to clean water, but they can also join together and offer support to one another.

You Can Support First Responders Too

There will be plenty of first responders hard at work in the aftermath of a hurricane. They need support too. While you provide clean drinking water to the affected area, you can also offer the water to medical professionals, firefighters, and law enforcement assisting on the scene. Whether it is drinking water, water for cleaning purposes, or something they need to cook meals, you have it covered, thanks to your portable water bladders.

It Isn’t Just About Drinking Water After a Hurricane

Clean water has a wide range of uses that aren’t limited to drinking. You can help fulfill these purposes with clean water in a water storage bladder. For example, you can use it to boil food. Another situation might be when first responders need water for medical aid. It is also nice to have for hygiene purposes when members of your community have lost access to utilities. The list of uses is long, and your team can help fulfill every single one. Help everyone in your community get water for all their needs in the aftermath of a hurricane with the right supplies.

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