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Where can I get Prime Cut Beef in the Philippines?

Steak is one of the most expensive items on any restaurant’s menu. You can’t blame them because a well-cooked steak is quite delectable, and it provides a significant amount of protein. If you enjoy beef, you are well aware that not all meat is created equal.

If you’re going to eat steak, make it a prime-cut steak. Excellent cut, by definition, refers to high-quality beef cuts. Prime steak has more intermuscular fat than other all-beef grades, making it taste better. Restaurant prime steaks are a pleasant experience, especially on romantic dates, but they may be costly. You can cook your steak and offer it to your loved ones if you have the skills of a great chef. However, where can you get prime-cut beef in the Philippines? Some of the meat businesses should be considered if you are looking for the greatest prime cut beef. is the first store in the Philippines to provide clients with home delivery services. If you live in Metro Manila, excellent cuts can be delivered in as little as 90 minutes. USDA Natural Black Angus ribeye steaks and USDA Certified Prime Grade Angus Bone-In Ribeye steaks are among the premium-grade American beef options available at the store.

Their steaks are a touch on the expensive side, but they are well worth it. If you’re searching for something more budget-friendly, also has Steak Bite alternatives. These are hand-cut, smaller steak slices. If you know someone who like meat, their steak boxes will undoubtedly be the ideal present.

You can place orders by calling 0917-567-8325 or visiting their Facebook page.

Wagyu Philippines

Wagyu beef is considered one of the best steaks in the world due to its high fat content and marbled texture that melts in your mouth. Wagyu beef comes from Japan, but you don’t have to visit the Land of the Rising Sun to enjoy it. Wagyu Philippines may satisfy your craving for genuine Wagyu.

Wagyu Philippines also sells ramen noodles, culinary supplies, and other Japanese cuisine-related items in addition to Wagyu. Wagyu Philippines offers a variety of Wagyu steaks, including sirloin, ribeye cuts, and tenderloin, with grades ranging from A3 to A5 and a marble score of 12.

To place an order, call 0917 792 4057 or go to their Facebook page.

Rare Food Shop 

Imagine a meat and seafood version of Lazada or Shopee. Rare Food Shop delivers this to the table. Rare Food Shop carries a wide variety of meat from throughout the world, so don’t be concerned if your favorite steak isn’t available. Aside from steaks, there’s lamb, fish, poultry, meat substitutes, and so on.

Olzico Beef, Black Onyx Australian Angus, U.S. Angus Beef, WX Australian Wagyu, Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef, and Japanese Wagyu are some of the steaks available at Rare Food Shop. This online store has no minimum order requirements and guarantees that your items will be delivered the same day.

Visit their website to place an order.

Chingolo Deli

Erwan Heussaff of Chingolo Deli and his brother-in-law Nico Bolzico have opened a deli-slash-restaurant in Makati. Coniglio Deli includes a dine-in section where you may order steaks. On the other side, they provide frozen food delivery services from Monday to Sunday.

Bolzico Beef, a grass-fed organic Angus beef from Argentina, is the restaurant’s signature dish. The flavor of this meat is robust and beefy. Ordinary cuts like ribeye and tenderloin are among the cuts available. However, the restaurant also offers unusual slices like as a pump’s heart. You may place orders by calling 0917 620 2443 or visiting their restaurant at UPRC III Bldg, 2289 Chino Roces Extension Makati City.

Sous Vide Station 

This meal delivery service’s name may be difficult to pronounce, but trust us when we say that Sous Vide Station will make your life easier. Some folks aren’t naturally gifted in the kitchen. Sous Vide Station can meet your needs if you desire prime-cut steak without the trouble of visiting to a restaurant or cooking it yourself. Customers can order pre-cooked steak from Sous Vide Station. After your steak arrives, all you need to do is sear it and grill it before serving. You can get their USDA Prime Ribeye, which is soft and flavorful, or their Australian Beef Striploin, which is leaner.

You can place orders by calling 0917 962 2114 or visiting their Facebook page.

The best steak side dishes

Best Side Dishes for your Steak
Best Side Dishes for your Steak

After you’ve finished your steak, you should consider wine and side dishes. Mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli, a salad, or baked asparagus for steak could be the best side dishes. When it comes to wine, Winery Philippines and Drinkies provide excellent selections.

Make the most delicious steak meal at home.

Eating Steak at your Camella Home
Eating Steak at your Camella Home

You should gather your family and feast on the excellent steak you ordered to have the best steak meal at home. Steak is best savored in a home in a fantastic location since you can have the best of everything at any time. Look no further than Camella if you’re seeking for a house and a lot.

Camella will provide you with a house in a Mediterranean-inspired neighborhood where you and your family will feel comfortable and welcome, based on her 45 years of experience. Camella provides protection and surveillance around the clock. Camella’s per-project amenities would also be appealing to your family. When it comes to investing, you can never go wrong with real estate from a reputable developer in the Philippines. Allow Camella to be present during your steak dinners with your loved ones.

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