What To Consider When Buying a Women’s Leather Aviator Jacket

Among all the ultimate leather jacket types for women, nothing comes closer to the popularity and styles of women’s leather aviator jacket.

The pilot leather jackets for women are the most appealing leather jackets because of their luxurious styles. The classic features of pilot jackets are combined with attractive elegance for women. Hence, it is not only highly functional but complements every outfit. Also, the continuous improvement in the styles and designs of aviator jackets keeps the ladies stuck with it. Aviator jackets are not only some pieces of clothing but it’s a statement of your identity. Thereby, it is a must-have outwear for every modern wardrobe.

Here is everything you need to consider before buying a perfect women’s leather aviator jacket.

Choosing The Best Type of Leather

Not all leather is equal. Leather quality can vary dramatically depending on the type of leather used. Different materials create different textures and qualities for aviator jackets. The commonly used hides for aviator leather jackets are:


Most of the leather jackets come from this plain hide. It is usually thick and strong. However, the quality of jackets still varies because of different features. For example, which part of the cowhide comes from, and the treatment process. Thick jackets which are not stiff are ideal from this material.


Deerskin jackets are more refined than those from cowhides. Just like cowhide, it is strong and weatherproof. However, it is much lighter and gives a more flexible and fine structure. The overall texture of the deerskin aviator jackets is soft and fuzzy. It creates an ideal fashion icon for women that can be paired with every outfit.


Goatskin is not as popular as other hides. This is because goatskin jackets can develop creases or patterns of surface lines over time. However, it is much lighter and has a more visible texture than cowhide when new.


Sheepskin or lambskin is the most timeless choice of leather for aviator jackets. It is typically light and much softer than any other hide. Lambskin gives the most warmth and comfort and is suitable for all seasons.

Bison Leather

The bison leather aviator jackets are tough and textured. The bison skin has fine creases throughout it. With its ruddy color and rugged structure, bison leather jackets are gradually becoming popular fashion icons.

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Choosing the Perfect Fitting

The next thing to consider before buying a women’s aviator leather jacket is its cuts and fitting. If you wear your aviator leather jacket properly, it will instantly upgrade your style to give you tough and sleek vibes. Knowing its importance and its impact on your overall outfit and personality, it is essential to ensure that you have the perfect fit.

Make sure that the shoulders of your jacket fit you perfectly. It should not be long enough that it starts drooping. Also, it shouldn’t be shorter, or it will be too tight. Rather, the curvature of your aviator jacket should hit right around your shoulder. In addition, ensure that the armholes should be cut high and are not too tight to provide you maximum functionality and freedom of movement.

Also, make sure that the chest area is fitted right and that you have enough room inside. So that you can wear any outfit underneath. The sleeves of your aviator jacket should hit just below the wrist. You would definitely don’t want your jacket to go up too far when you put your arms up. On the flip side, you would also not prefer your jacket to fully cover most of your hands when your hands are down. Hence make sure the length of the jacket and sleeves is perfect.

A good tip is to see how your jacket looks from the back. Get someone to take your pictures from different angles so you can judge how the pilot jacket looks with your body proportions. It will help you to check if your shoulders are too baggy from the angles which are difficult to spot in the mirror. In addition, always try your jacket and make sure that you can button it up or zip it up all the way without any difficulty. This gives you a good idea of the jacket’s fitting. However, you can wear it undone later on for a more effortless look.

Choosing the Best Construction

Another important thing you should consider before investing in your pilot leather jacket is its perfect construction. The joints and stitching should be flawless and durable. So that the jacket will remain long-lasting and will not fall apart easily. Also, make sure that the panels and seams should fit together perfectly so that the water and moisture couldn’t prevent inside easily. In addition, a good construction guarantees the jacket would be weatherproof while perfectly providing you insulation from harsh weather.

Also, check for the details on the pockets. The well-constructed pockets with fine details give your pilot jacket more casual and relaxed vibes. Also, check for the front zipper or button enclosures. A classic and modern-looking pilot jacket with a button enclosure gives you sleek feminine touch.

Selecting the Best Lining

The inner lining is an extra layer of fabric in the jacket which improves the quality. It provides a smooth fall to your pilot jacket from shoulder to bottom. Always make sure that your aviator jacket has breathable lining inside. This is to provide you with utmost comfort while protecting your skin from scratching. In some cases, the lining can absorb sweat and moisture.

Check the lining is not stained, wrinkled, or damaged in any way. It should be quilted to keep the jacket in shape for years. The quilting also provides additional warmth and comfort. Always choose the best material for a lining when you are customizing your aviator leather jacket. Ideally, Bemberg lining is preferred over others. It is not only breathable and lightweight but also has a silky-smooth touch. In addition, the color of the lining should never compete with the jacket itself. It should be well aligned and complements the jacket’s overall look. For example, a bright and bold color lining with a perfectly black jacket is a big No.

Choosing the Right Color and Hardware Accessories

Women’s pilot leather jacket comes in a variety of different colors and designs. You should be aware of your liking of color before you invest in a timeless piece. The color of your aviator jacket should align well with your preference and personality. Depending upon your choice, you can go for black, brown, rust, tan, or white to match well with your style.

Another important feature to consider is accessories. Hardware accessories include patches, motives, belts, buckles, hoods, or any other extra decorative elements that enhance the overall look of your aviator jacket. Also, always ensure that the zippers or buttons of your leather apparel are of good quality. It should be durable and immune to corrosion. Checking the hardware accessories is a great way to judge the quality of your leather jacket. Always remember, your choice of such accessories can either make or break the style of your jacket. With the extra amount of detailing, you will appear too much. Very little detailing will result in a boring look. Hence, make sure that your accessories choice is classic and flattering.

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Women’s leather aviator jacket are classic and exceptionally durable winter attire. They are considered great investment pieces because of their durability, longevity, and styles. But before you purchase a timeless pilot jacket, you should consider the already discussed things.

If you are looking for a premium quality pilot jacket for women, SCIN would be the best option for you. They offer high-quality material with exceptional design and stitching, with a variety of colors, styles, and customized sizes that you will not find elsewhere.





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