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What Makes a Good Home Inspector?

When looking for a home or roof inspection near me, the first thing to consider is what kind of home inspector you should hire. Many homeowners might think hiring an inspector is a waste of time, but the benefits far exceed the hassle. 

This is because, while Florida home inspectors are generally professionals in their craft, each inspector works differently, so you have to ensure the one you decide to employ is someone who can truly do their job as you expect. 

So, what makes a good home inspector?


One of the most significant qualities of a decent home inspector is their experience. It is essential to employ someone who knows exactly how inspections are done, such as making repairs and handling mechanical or electrical issues. It will also be advantageous to have an inspector who is knowledgeable about both new and old construction materials.

Good Attitude

Because you will be working closely with the inspector, you should look for an individual who has an overall good personality. You might find it helpful to hire somebody who is always willing to answer any questions and can keep a calm demeanor when things get stressful for you. This helps build a better working relationship with one another. 

Writing Detailed Reports Proficiency

If you want to employ the most excellent inspector, search for someone who can produce an in-depth report. You want a home inspector that understands how to provide facts understandably.


Any good inspector will have positive reviews from previous clients and be a reliable source of information. Checking their website or review sites will help you learn more about the professional you plan to employ. 

Ready to hire a home inspector?

You should verify the credentials of any home inspector before you hire them. Check with the Better Business Bureau in your area and online forums to see if there are any complaints against them. They are qualified if they have been certified. Having a back-up name available is always a good idea.

Home inspectors can identify problems with the foundation and wiring of your house. They can also help you assess how well the appliances are functioning. A malfunctioning dryer exhaust could be hazardous, so they will check the exhaust pipes in your laundry room. They’ll also check whether the wall attached to the garage is fire-rated and whether there are smoke detectors.

Before you decide to hire a home inspector, you should ask for proof of their state certification, industry certification, and membership in industry associations. Both the American Society of Home Inspectors and National Association of Certified Home Inspectors require that home inspectors undergo training. To become a member of one of these associations, a home inspector must have completed at least 250 inspections. Angi suggests that you hire a home inspector with at least 1,000 inspections completed and three to five years’ experience.

A written report will be provided by the home inspector that details what was found. Depending on your needs, he or she may recommend repair work. Although the report can provide reassurance that the home is in good condition, it should not replace your own inspection.

Frontline Inspections is a Florida-based home inspection company. They aim to provide customers with comprehensive and honest assessments that will help them make informed decisions on their home purchases. Visit their website or contact them at (407) 223-2928 for inquiries. 

Good Home Inspector

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