What Issues Does Computer Vision Solve?

The world is struggling for many decades to manufacture machines that can think, act and observe like humans. The struggle has ended and the dream has come true. The advancement and evolution in artificial intelligence have enabled the computer to see and construe visual information and actions around the world. This ability of the computer is known as computer vision. The computer version is changing its meaning and worth because it is playing a great role in solving and benefiting the world’s computing challenges and problems day by day.

Let’s have a brief introduction about AI computer vision, how it works, and what issues does the computer version solve?

What is Computer Vision?

The computer version is the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and it is also known as vision artificial intelligence and traditional image processing. This field focuses on creating systems that analyze and process visual information including images and videos. This AI service aims to train computers to interpret the image at the pixel level.

In other words, computer vision enables laptops, smartphones, satellites and other devices to process, analyze and conclude results of digital information through computer vision software.

What Issues Does Computer Vision Solve?

As the popularity of AI services and computer vision is increasing day by day, it is not difficult to believe that every problem can be solved by using computer vision. Is this really possible for computer vision to solve all the problems? Yes, this is possible for computer vision to solve the issues.

Discriminability of Computer Vision

A lot of machines are manufactured on the principle of discriminability. Discriminability is a term that is used to distinguish and differentiate one thing from another. Take the example that will clarify how computer vision is able to discriminate. Computer vision can discriminate between heels and sneakers photos. It can also differentiate between the sneakers of Nike and Adidas. But this ability to differentiate depends upon the underlying difference in the photos.

Sometimes computer vision is not suitable for some cases. For example, distinguish people whether they are gay or not based on their facial features. The facial features are not enough to make a decision about whether someone is gay or not. So in this case computer vision is not good to use.

The issues that Computer Vision Can Resolve

Computer vision can solve the following issues:

  • Time-consuming scanning and differentiation of physical documents.
  • Security issues and crime control
  • Medical diagnosis issues
  • Employees Safety

Scanning and Classification of Documents

After entering the digital world paper documents still occupy enough space in record management. Whenever it is necessary to find something important from the physical documents it is very tiring and time-consuming work.

So computer vision has made it very easy. Computer vision can simply analyze and digitize the information contained within the physical document. The user can simply find the specific element within the document by inputting the text.

So 100% text searchable document means there are:

  • Less human errors
  • Cost reduction
  • Quick results
  • Less tiring work.

Security Issues and Crime Control

Computer vision has solved the problem of security issues. AI computer version has the ability to classify, distinguish and identify objects. This feature of computer vision opens many opportunities in the security field and criminal identification. In the era of technology, IP cameras are common in every field. These cameras help to identify the entry of prohibited objects, and forbidden persons and instantly identify unusual behaviors. These surveillances are available 24/7.

The benefits of computer vision in this aspect are:

  • Prevent crimes
  • Less security staff requirement
  • Cost-effective

Medical Diagnosis

Computer vision has the power to save the lives of more and more people. Computer vision plays a great role in diagnosing disease from MRIs, CT scans and X-rays. By using this technology early illness diagnosis has become easy.

To diagnose the disease the algorithms can be trained to find the disease patterns from the patient data. For example in the case of melanoma by using the combination of a neural network and computer vision the analysis of the patient’s skin image can be made more easy and quick. Whether the patient is suffering from a harmful disease or not can be detected within seconds by using computer vision.

Employee Safety at Warehouses and Industrial Jobs

The safety of the employees must be the top priority of the employers. In warehouses and industrial jobs, the workers have to operate the equipment. If they don’t operate the machinery safely there would be a danger to their lives. Even after giving the proper training to the workers, there is no 100% guarantee against accidents. But computer vision takes the safety of the employees and the workplace to the next level.

Computer vision monitors how the workers are interacting with the equipment and their other behavioral details of them. This AI system enables the identification of whether the workers are following the safety regulations or not.

By using computer vision the detection of the following become easy:

  • Unsafe operation
  • Risky behaviors
  • Compliances with the safety zone and precautionary areas.

Custom Software Development of Computer vision

This is the process of designing, creating, and developing the software for specific users for specific use. There are many companies in Australia that develop custom software. One of them is FUTURISTECH, the leading software development company in Australia

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