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What Is The Process For Setup Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera?

Well, if you want to Setup Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera, then you have reached the right place. We will guide you with the complete process of how to install the essential spotlight camera in the steps by step guide. 

Well, in order to set up the essential spotlight camera, you need to look for a suitable spot for the device. If it is indoor, then you need to install the USB cable and then download the mobile app on your phone.  You can use the sync button in order to wake the camera and then pair it with the smartphone. 

The tutorial for the Setup Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera:

Well, before you are proceeding any further, you must decide if your camera is going to be install inside your house or outside. With this installation guide, you can install the cameras easily. 

  • Get the mobile app:

Well, the first step is to install and connect the camera in order to acquire the mobile app. This is the application that will provide you with a variety of features and will also allow you to configure the settings that your camera might have.

 If you want to install the mobile app, then you need to follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Well, first get your smartphone ad then make sure that it is connect to the internet.
  • Then head to google play or the app store, that will depend on the kind of smartphone you have. 
  • Well, in the search of the app store, you need to write Arlo and then press the first result. 
  • After that, you need to wait for the process of downloading and installation on your Arlo app. 

Well, when it is installed, then you need to proceed with the next step on how to log in and then configure the Arlo app. 

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Make an Arlo account:

When you have the Arlo app on your smartphone, then you need to create the Arlo Account in the next step. Well, when you are registered, then you need to press the Login button and then write down the account’s credentials. 

If you see that you are not registered, then follow these steps:

  • Well, first you need to press the sign up button that is on the Arlo login page. 
  • After that insert the required credentials and then write your password again. 
  • Confirm the account, through the message that is sent to the email provide. 
  • After that, you need to log in to the Arlo account.

When you have logged in to the Arlo app, then it is time to configure the camera. 

Awake your Arlo Camera:

When the Arlo camera is taken out of the box, then the Arlo camera will instantly go on the low power mode. Well, in other words, your camera is going to shut down to reduce the power usage until it is install. 

If you want to connect the camera with the Arlo app, then you must first wake the device. If you want to wake your Arlo camera, you need to simply press the sync button that is on the top panel of the device. The wake-up process is going to take some seconds and when the LED is going to start beeping, then the device is ready to pair. Next step is to connect the camera so let us find out how it is done in the next step. 

Connect the Arlo to the internet:

Before you are scanning the QR code on the Arlo app, you must choose the network for the Arlo camera for connecting. 

There are some instructions that will help you to set up the Arlo camera:

  • Open the Arlo app and then tap the + button.
  • Choose the wireless in the connectivity type tab. 
  • In the next window, you need to search for the network and then tap on 
  • Insert the Wi-Fi security key and then press confirm. 

Now that you have established the network on your device, let’s complete the process of setup by scanning the QR code. 

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Connect the Arlo to the app:

When connected to the internet, the camera will be in a state that is ready to connect with the mobile app. The only requirement for connecting the Arlo camera is to scan the QR code that is at the back of the device. The QR code is usually located on the back of the Arlo camera. This is why you must first connect with the camera and then mount it on the wall. 

If you hear a chime sound, then this means that the camera is successfully pair with the phone.  If you are not able to Set Up Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera, then our experts will help you out. They will provide you with the best solutions!

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